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  • Hope everyone is feeling well! This is my fourth and I really don't remember ever feeling this sick. It's gross. :(
  • I'm due the last week in Sept... I had just started back on MFP after not logging for WAY too long, and found out I was pregnant. So I'm planning to log and try to only gain necessary weight. I had success doing that with my last pregnancy. For some reason I lose all ability to control my weight when I'm postpartum,…
  • It probably would have been a great choice with my littlest, but we got WIC and that means hundreds of jars of food. So we used them for the most part, and now I am making my own food and storing it in the jars. He also eats... everything else that doesn't require heavy chewing. My older son was BLW and would not eat…
  • I hear you. Over the course of a day, I can easily drink a whole pot with about half a cup of bailey's creamer. I am trying to scale back because there's no way this is good for me, not just because of the caffeine and sugar, but I spend the whole day thinking "is it too soon for another cup of coffee?" Eek. I'm adding…
  • Week 3 Day 2 down. I lost steam in the very last interval and slowed to a walk a little earlier than the plan called for. Hopefully I can power through next time :) Wore an older pair of shoes and experienced less pain - hoping to get new ones Friday afternoon.
  • No, I'm in the same 10lb range that I was fluctuating in and out of, but I can see it being the shoes. I think this is it. I find that it takes a while for my gait to feel the same. My hips don't roll for quite some time after a baby - I stomp around like a robot. I didn't initially put any thought into my shoes. I bought…
  • They are about a year old but with low miles. I really hope it is the shoes, it seems like it would have to be something like that because it's both knees, with equal amounts of pain/discomfort etc.
  • Yes, I would say you're eating the bare minimum. I mean, if it's working (your baby has enough milk and you're losing at a reasonable rate) and you're happy with it, by all means continue. But I would think you CAN eat more and lose.
  • I had started running again to deal with post partum depression, but it sucked me back in last week and I had a 5 day gap. I started 3-1 today anyway and it went fine. The only thing is that I have inner knee pain. I've had it for a week. I thought maybe it was the new shoes I've been wearing to work (only like a 1"…
  • Finished Week 2 today!
  • Wk2d1 today. Felt really good. I started last Friday and had to have my husband come pick me up 1/4 mile from home because I was terrified I would vomit on the sidewalk. Today, the running intervals flew by. I'm sure that means the next run will be a little rougher but at least I'll know my body can do it :)
  • Yes! If anything, I was hoping my post would suggest you might be able to eat more. I always worry that breastfeeding women aren't eating enough. (I'm going to be a fantastic mother-in-law some day, right??)
  • 2100 plus exercise, which is about 200 every other day.
  • 2100 with a 5 month old (no solids yet). I'm 165 and losing slowly while also eating back exercise calories. I work full time so once I stop pumping at work, I will definitely have to dial back the calories.
  • I wish I could eat 3000 calories and lose weight, or burn 200 calories going for a little walk. But since the point of all that is to get fit, it probably makes more sense to just be jealous of fit people.
  • Yes, you are dragging less weight around so it's less work for your body :)
  • Yes, I do, as accurately as possible. I only have a 250 calorie deficit, so there are many weeks when I indulge a little and then just don't lose. But I enjoy the process more with a small deficit :)
  • I will drink it pretty much any style from black to super light. Usually I add 2tbsp cream and 1/2 tsp sugar. However, I love Baileys flavored creamers and all manner of flavored coffee. I love obnoxious-sounding Starbucks drinks. I like coffee stout and mocha ice cream. It's a staple for me.
  • Completed week 1 today.
  • 1800 is generally the minimum you should eat, but you may be able to eat more. I am slowly losing while eating 2100, for example. You use approx 670 extra calories for breastfeeding, so you'll see 500 calories plus maintenance recommended on various websites. You could call the local hospital's lactation specialist, LLL,…
  • I would caution you to read some stuff NOT written by YLO before continuing to ingest them. That said, I use essential oils all the time, in a manner I consider safe :)
  • It *IS* a pain to do it while you're cooking, so my suggestion would be to pre-log. Decide ahead of time how much oil and chicken you are going to use in the recipe and don't use more than that. (You still have to weigh it but you don't have to be pecking away at your phone with chicken slime on your hands, you just…
  • You should absolutely do what makes you feel fabulous :D
  • If your baby is nursing, definitely not. But I think that eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep will make you feel much better than a cleanse.
  • It's always easy at first. I've had contests with my husband and he loses 10lbs the first week, 5 lbs the next...and then loses momentum. I lose a lb a week and end up kicking his butt by the end, because slow and steady is the only way to stick to losing (for most of us). 1 or 2 lbs a week is fantastic progress and you…
  • We got a dog when our son was an infant and rehomed her after 2 years of increasing difficulty. It took about three or four months to find her an appropriate home, but everyone is much happier now. However, I would never suggest that someone who already owns a dog is going to abandon the dog because of a child. I mean,…
  • Yes, it's worth it from a weight loss perspective as well as your monetary budget. The most important thing I can tell you about preplanning is that it gets easier the longer you do it. I do my planning on a biweekly basis, and we keep our trips to the grocery store limited in between. (ie for fresh produce or the…
  • I think your solution for the school year is great. Get your gym time during her other commitments. I am not a single mom but I am working full time with three kids, one of whom is far too little to be away from me 40 hours a week :( I can't stand to be away from him for even one extra minute.
  • I would definitely have some bloodwork done. Hormones/thyroid could be the culprit, just as you suspect! If you are looking for healthy foods that are high in calories, I'm sure plenty of us would be able to help with that ;)
  • Good plan! If you use their postpartum bath product, use it like a tea bag, don't open it up and dump it in. Picking that stuff out afterward is anything but soothing and calming. :sick: