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  • @rachelrjh great progress!!
  • @melaniedscott I really appreciate your encouragement! Due dates of my first grandchildren are 08/20 (no 1), 11/20 (no 2), and 2/10/2021 (no 3). First baby's mom wasn't feeling well and even tested for COVID (negative), her hubby is a doctor and he said your iron might be low. I said yes that and she is not eating enough…
  • dbrinkmeyer weigh in day Thursday (even though my posting day has become Fridays because Thursdays are out of control) PW 186 CW 186 Steps 54852 A little frustrated because DH wants to ride our bikes in the morning instead of walking so my step count is down. 103 here in the afternoons so getting the extra on my own has…
  • dbrinkmeyer Weigh in Thursday CW 186 steps 55300 My HUGE NSV - hubby said he could tell I am toning up and this was unsolicited.
  • dbrinkmeyer CW 187.0 Steps 62,154 I had bone grafting done in my mouth in a few places on my upper jaw. I knew it would be something serious, but I was surprised at how it really caused a major disruption to everything I was doing. Eating was most affected. I'm still not healed, but I am not in as much pain. I've been very…
  • Username: dbrinkmeyer Weigh in day: Thursday Last week's weight: 187 Current weight: 187 Steps: 57024
  • dbrinkmeyer weigh in Thursday cw: 186.8 steps: 52340
  • username dbrinkmeyer cw: 187 steps: 58850 sorry I was a day late in recording, I did weigh on time yesterday
  • Sorry I am late: Week:4 Weigh-in day: Thursday Previous weight:186.8 Current weight: 187.0 STEPS: 35597
  • Week:3 Weigh-in day: Thursday Previous weight:187.4 Current weight: 186.8 STEPS: 38455
  • I've been so good and trying to hit my goal of 185 by my birthday. I had the right portion of everything for dinner and the 1 glass of wine I let myself have on Fridays. Then I went out of control with Jordan almonds. I just shrugged. I forgave myself for the night until I punished myself with a dance fitness class this…
  • @minstrelofsarcasm yes, it is the spin class ;) Also thanks for the refresher on BMI. @rachelrjh you should feel really proud, hubby thinking you look great... @ljdanny It's like waiting for Christmas @melaniedscott some people use crickets for protein @goingape I agree that yoga has it's benefits, just tuning into what…
  • Username: dbrinkmeyer Week:1 Weigh-in day: Thursday Previous weight:189.4 Current weight: 187.4 Yes! You are seeing that right. 2 lbs, my biggest loss in a LONGGGG time. Weekly steps: 18399 (really not good but I switched to cycling for some days) Welcome to new team members, I hope to step away from my computer at some…
  • @rachelrjh yikes that looks like it hurt @KristieJC @minstrelofsarcasm 1300???? I'm sorry. Weigh in day for me today: Week:5 Weigh-in day: Thursday Previous weight:190.0 Current weight: 189.4 Weekly steps 21,256 Still under a lot of stress. Not getting enough sleep but trying. A little bit of sunshine this week. Going to…
  • @goingape yay!! @minstrelofsarcasm you're killing it with your workouts and making me look bad ;-) Week:4 Weigh-in day: Thursday Previous weight:187.8 Current weight: 190.0 Weekly steps 33655 I believe my weight is up due to muscle development. My diet has been good. I'm working on my legs (my goal of adding muscle) and I…
  • Week:3 Weigh-in day: Thursday Previous weight:188.8 Current weight: 187.8 Weekly steps 32354 Slow, but still progress. I have not done so many things I wanted to do for myself. Trying to serve the employees and my customers and honoring commitments I have made. Today my prayer is to be able to accomplish my tasks faster…
  • @minstrelofsarcasm that would be great, thank you
  • Week:2 Weigh-in day: Thursday (shorter week due to the change in day) Previous weight:190.2 Current weight: 188.8 Weekly steps 14270 (4 days) I'm back on track with my diet. Weather is warming so outdoors is more possible.
  • @1theresamcvean I am sorry for your loss
  • Hello, I'm with @bumpbreakcar , fresh start April @minstrelofsarcasm , I'd like to change my weigh in day to Thursday Week:1 Weigh-in day: Saturday Previous weight:189.4 Current weight: 190.2 Weekly steps 38,249 Too much wine. Going to deal with my anxiety differently this week.
  • Week:4 Weigh-in day: Saturday Previous weight:187.6 Current weight:189.4 I am disappointed but not surprised. I don't think I actually gained fat since I ate so much less this past week. Not sleeping well of course. I believe that my daughter is safe so I can put the effort back into my health recovery.
  • @debbiewsharpe thank you for the prayers, much appreciated!! What a week. Praying the work we did with them holds. She is pregnant, too.
  • Week:3 Weigh-in day: Saturday Previous weight:187.6 Current weight:187.6 Very hard time right now. Trying to keep company going. I'm a technician by trade and even though I'm running the company some difficult technical tasks are for me to do. This weekend I'm converting a client off a legacy database to a new system. It's…
  • Darn, forgot my steps: 46200
  • Week:2 Weigh-in day: Saturday Previous weight:187.8 Current weight:187.6 Not much but headed the right direction. Getting smaller, clothes fitting better. Last week with trainer. Work is harder than ever and I need to catch up reading here. I appreciate this team.
  • I forgot to post my steps for the week. I shouldn't want to post them but you can see that we're still not back to the weather I had in January: 20189
  • Dbrinkmeyer (Denise) Week:1 Weigh-in day: Saturday Previous weight:189.6 Current weight:187.8 This was a great week. I learned a lot and lost some weight. My trainer told me to drink a gallon of water because of my weight training. Well… I got really sick one evening and then I decided to cut it back to 100 ounce max. I'm…
  • Happy March! Thank you so much for the encouragement at the end of February. I have still the same massive goals related to corporate sales (to keep everyone on staff). It helps me knowing that this team is here to motivate me to achieve my health goals. I need to get my cardio in here shortly so I'll keep this short. My…