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  • I need a friend!! I’ve gain so much weight since Covid started, I’m not working, I do try to walk my dogs regularly but now with the California wildfires the air is so bad I cannot. I’m not sure what to do, short of reducing my calorie intake to 1000, I could use advice encouragement and conversation! Please help
  • I REALLY need a buddy to hold me accountable! I’ve gained 30 plus lbs during Covid 19 and really need help! I am a newbie to this community group and could really use some encouragement, thank you all!
  • This is my first time joining a group, I am 50, am 200-220 lbs and really need help, encouragement, and suggestions and advice. I don’t even know how the community groups work!! Help!!!
  • I really need encouragement and help!! I’ve gained so much weight during this Covid times but I am trying to cut down on my portions but I just have no energy because I’m at home all the time, I need help! Any suggestions? This is my first time joining the community and feel very serious about this. I’m 50 y/o and am 200…
  • I weigh 200, am 50 years old, I’m just starting and need encouragement and advice... I have Little energy and find it extremely hard to exercise. But I really want this, I need help
  • I have no idea how the posts work! I want to say hello, my name is Val and I can sure use some ideas! I want to go from 199 lbs to 175. I’m 47 and live in No California. First time user, how will I know if anyone replies to me?
  • Val here, in No. California!!
  • Val here, This is my first post, I’m 49, weigh 199, my goal weight is 175 . Any hints? I gained a lot due to quarantining... gained 20lbs in 7 months. Help!!!!