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  • @jm216 I love gardening both vegetable and flower. Next favorite hobby is hiking and I love keeping aquariums. Spending time with my grandchildren is also a priority. I just love them all so much. Happy Thursday to everyone and hello to all the new comers to the thread. I hope everyone is having a good day and making…
  • That is the right attitude. Get right back on track. Anyway as long as your weekly calorie total is on point one off day doesn’t really matter. I am making sure that how I eat now is how I will eat in maintenance. No specific foods are completely off limits as long as I can fit them into my calorie and macro goals 😊
  • I forgot to check my garden for just a couple days last week and I got a huge cucumber that was hiding from me lol
  • I am with Rand. Coffee is not something I am ready to give up. I have 2 cups in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. I do need to drink more water. Does diet green tea count?
  • I love gardening too. That looks so yummy Jill. I often snack on the cucumbers from my garden. They are so delicious and have so few calories. I took this photo last night of all the tomatoes I harvested the past couple of days, and the sweet corn, so good!!.
  • Welcome Lucy!! I hope to reach 150 before next Spring. There are several of us here with very similar goals. Join right in. Have you started losing yet? We are doing a Sunday morning check in for our weight and stats.
  • I am a morning person😊 I work 6:00am- 2:30pm so I am up every week day at 4:15-4:30am. I do sleep in on weekend till 6 if my internal alarm let’s me. I like to be up with the sun so I can get more accomplished. 😊 The only downfall is staying up a little too late sometimes, but I got enough cooked up that I should be good…
  • Roxie is beautiful Jill. Happy Tuesday😊 I was up later than I should have been last night food prepping for the rest of this week. So 4:30 came super early for me. Just trying to get through the work day and hopefully have enough energy to do my planned workout. I will do it anyway, but hoping I get a second wind later in…
  • @grandrory yes the coffe protein does taste like coffee, but the one scoop mixed in the recipe I posted is more like hint of coffee and it is so good. I sure hope your husband can get his bs under control. I am taking metformin and just watching my diet and working on getting some exercise everyday. That is keeping mine…
  • Hi crosbylee. Welcome. Your goal weight is close to mine. We can lose this weight together!!! I don't have high BP, but I am a type 2 diabetic and I can tell you from experience losing weight and exercising makes a huge difference. When I am active and eating below 130g of carbs daily, my fasting BG stays in a healthy…
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have finally perfected my evening protein shake!! 1- 11 oz vanilla Premier Protein shake 1 scoop- Chike Mocha Coffee Protein 8 oz- unsweetned vanilla almond milk 72g fresh strawberries 3 big ice cubes Throw it all in the Ninja and blend for 25-30 seconds and wow delicious. It packs 42g of…
  • Welcome Tone. I just think you are the first guy to join our group. The more the merrier and I see Jill has welcomed you already. That is a huge loss!!! Great for you! Your Sunday weigh in works out perfect for our Sunday check in. We are posting out stats each Sunday on this thread.
  • My husband I love to hike. We usually plan our vacations around a cabin in the mountains where there is good hiking. We have done most of the trails along skyline drive near Front Royal and Luray Va. We did Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina too! The heat has been killer here on the East Coast too!! I have been…
  • Hi eapar507. My grandkids ages are 20, 16, 14 and 13. They're at the age now where they'd rather hang out with friends than with grandma ☹️. We live out in the country, when they were younger they loved coming out here but now they say it's boring lol. [/quote] I know what you mean. Mine are 19, 13, 4, and 2. I see the two…
  • Hi Grandory. It is great to meet you. There are a few of us here that are in the same situation as you with needing to lose weight again. I agree with Jill walking is excellent and easy on the body. I have 4 grandchildren also!!! They will help keep you moving 😀.
  • Hi JoDavo welcome to the club. I am also working with a PT, but we don't do any face to face. It is my first time working with a PT and so far I like her and I think it helps keep me accountable. My gym is not reopening until we get to phase 3 and I have no idea when that will happen, so home workouts for me. I am…
  • Sherim great job at losing 3lbs!!! We all have to start somewhere, and making little changes can lead to other little changes and before you know it we are easing into a new healthier lifestyle. My biggest issue is remembering to put my self first sometimes because my health is worth it. You are worth it. Great job :smile:
  • I like how detailed your check in was Jill. Now that I am going to be weighing more I will try to be more detailed next week!! You are really rocking the weight loss, 11.2 lbs is incredible :smile:
  • I’ll get the weight check in started this Sunday. Start date 6/27/20 SW-200 CW- 198 So I lost 2lbs so far in the last 30 days. My daily calorie goals were initially set at 1700 and I am not eating back calories from exercise. My PT lowered my calorie goal to 1500 after 2.5 weeks with no loss. I actually only hit 1700 on 3…
  • Hi MoogieAllen. It is great to meet you. You absolutely can reach your goal. I am in the same boat as you needing to loose weight I regained. We have very similar goal weights and we can cheer each other on!!! Grandchildren are one of the best reasons to get healthy. I have 4 and I love them so much. How many do you have?
  • Thank you Jill for the support!! Maybe we could have a weekly weigh in? Post our stats on say Sunday mornings?
  • I hit a milestone this morning!! 198.2 I installed the Happy Scale app to track my weight. I like this app. It was able to pull my past data from the Apple Health app and I can see my last big weight loss from 2017. That is very motivating. I did it before and I know I can do it again. The graph also shows me my trend to…
  • Hi Cindy. I am new to this group and I am so glad I decided to join. I think you can turn your health around. You have a great attitude. I skipped the pre-diabetic and went straight to a diagnoses of type 2 in 2014. Definitely eating fewer carbs will help as well as adding in exercise My biggest issue seems to be…
  • Did you start working with your trainer, or otherwise increase exercise, at about the same time, start of that 30 days? That would tend to increase water retention (for muscle repair), and that can definitely mask fat loss on the scale for a while, even for a few weeks. This is a good article to read:…
  • Those shakes look good Jill. I make a coffe flavored shake with a mix I get on Amazon called Chike. I may have to try some of the Premier shakes for on the go. Thanks for the tips!!!
  • Hi dustyspal. Glad you are here. I lost close to 100 pounds and put back almost half of it in the last 2 years. I think many of us have been in this position. No judgement from me ever. The struggle is real!!!
  • [/quote] Hi Ellen, You had mentioned that your body tends to hold weight for a while, then you experience a whoosh and lose finally lose some weight. Maybe this is the new healthy habit your body has gotten used to and your loss is just around the corner. What are your trainer’s thoughts? Jill[/quote] I haven’t talked with…
  • I think the data on these graphs suggest I am eating at maintenance level and not a deficit. I don’t understand it because even if I made some errors in my logging I should have lost some weight over the past 30 days and I have not. Any advice? I might have to lower my calories down another 150. I started at 1700 the first…
  • Happy to meet you sherim1963. We can support each other and stay active. Your first steps are good ones. Are you logging your food yet? That will help you even if you aren’t eating in a calorie deficit yet.