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  • If you suspect the scale, you could try my tried and true trick: pick up something heavy, weigh yourself with that, then set it down and weigh again. I find this recalibrates my scale. Best of luck. They say weight is just a number and if you're feeling good, then that's perfect evidence.
  • Is it weird that the only thing that is freaking me out is the turtles? I’m pretty adventurous, and I’ve tried a lot of the things mentioned here, but turtle sounds like a no fly zone for me.
  • I’m sorry. Thanks for being nice about it.
  • Im not a mom, so I agree I have no business asking moms about mom representation. I’m a non-mom and was genuinely curious what the perceived benefit was. I asked and was enlightened. I don't have a problem with the threads existence.
  • Don’t get discouraged. You didn’t get it tested before you started, right? Keep at it
  • What do you have against moms? Lol I only understand the part about moms who were fit before pregnancy and are now burning post pregnancy weight.... maybe you feel they can’t relate. I don’t understand excluding people with children generally...
  • Congratulations. You’re doing amazing work and you have stuck with it long enough for great progress! It’s always hard to see your own progress! Keep it up and you will see a big difference when the percentage of your weight loss vs your total weight shifts a bit more.
  • UNDER. What a problem to have. ❤️ a dream!
    in Carbs Post by eryn0x June 2020
  • Seconding the response above: if I know I’m going to eat all the portions myself I don’t bother weighing it. If one slice is bigger than the other, the calories will still total up in the end. For example: I slice a lasagna into 4 imperfect pieces and record each meal as 1/4
  • To me, 2300 calories sounds like it may be a little high based on your stats and that you could be overestimating your exercise and/or food, but you know your body best and since you are losing I would only try dropping 100 cal or so to start. With that said, you also don’t have a ton of weight to lose so your loss should…
  • Commented on the wrong post lol
  • Try doing more prep when you can, or just have easy things on hand. I sometimes go for things which may not be super healthy but are VERY easy to add to my food diary such as frozen lasagna, frozen veggie and pasta blend, or canned soup. I know I can log it accurately as the brand has done the work for me.
  • You could take this to mean 100 grams (dry), cooked as directed.... but based on the calorie count, it’s all out of whack
  • I eat these shiritaki noodles all the time. They come out the best price per portion and I love the penne and rice shapes! I need to try the protein ones per your good reviews.
  • you'll adjust quickly. just hang in there.
  • At minimum, plan out breakfast and lunch the day ahead. Eat breakfast, knowing that you need to fit in all three meals so there is no reason to delay. I also used to binge later in the day and the compromise I made, is that I tend to save my largest meal for dinner. Breakfast and lunch might be like 400 cal each, then I'll…
  • Oh god, the secrecy is the worst part. Who am I really hiding my eating from? Not my body! Adding to the earlier comment comparing with other addictions... I always say, it’s obvious that an alcoholic should abstain from alcohol but not so with food addiction. Abstinence is yet another spectrum of the addiction. Everyone…
  • I'm watching 'Surviving R Kelly' on Netflix. I had no idea the public history of events goes so far back... maybe I was too young. The first I heard about the abuse might have been 2003. I only remember the music prior to then.
  • my personal feelings are that many wheat products are not great for your health in the way that too much ice cream is not great for your health. I think that cutting back on simple carbs will do a few things for you: 1) You will more easily control your calorie intake, since we tend to eat large portions of simple carbs 2)…
  • To the OP, my best tip is to be really aware of how you’re nourishing your body and mind. Plan healthy meals, don’t under eat, know that you need to eat and slow and steady wins the race.
  • So much this. When I binge it’s not always unhealthy. I would come home from work and stand with my fingers in a bag of frozen blueberries and feel HORRIBLE. It’s the loss of control that affects you. Then often after that I would feel so bad I’d eat something else, maybe more unhealthy. The anxiety from the lack of…
  • It’s so true that it’s hard to imagine ever having “normal” thoughts of food and body image when you didn’t. But I’m glad to hear you feel improved. You can be the best you.
  • I’m not caught up so I’m sure I’m not the first to jump in, but guys.... there are addicts whose lives depend on alcohol. Even if you don’t have compassion for alcoholism (I certainly do), that will mean more people showing up in the hospital.
  • First I am really sorry you’re feeling so down and defeated. This community is really supportive of you are willing to do the work. However, when you say you know it won’t work, it won’t. Everyone will assure you that success is a long and slow process. You have to be willing to stick to SMALL changes for a LONG time. You…
  • Okay but.. people stir their coffee with a pencil? lol!
  • Disclaimed: I have only tried Prozac (generic) and my doctor recommended it to me after disclosing MY concerns which are personal to me, which include hair pulling, lip biting, and, historically, binging and purging. All I'm saying is it may not be for you, and we may just eat different when you feel better!!!
  • Yes. I lost weight about 6 years ago, no medication. Put back on a lot of weight without medication. Last year, I started taking a mild dose. Prozac (generic). I feel if anything, the psychological effect on my general anxiety has allowed me to mange my weight better, not restrict as much, and stay focus on my weight…