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  • Unfortunately, after some injuries and a lot of excuses, I am at the heaviest I ever have been. I would absolutely love new friends to support as we wade through this journey. A bit about me is that I am a total nerd, love video games, weight lifting, and hopefully running again soon. :)
  • I think it really depends on the questions and information you provided, in addition to that individual’s ability to recognize that losing weight can often be the easy part, maintaining for life is the really hard work. If an individual can lose safety by a deadline, more power to them. But the real challenge is what they…
  • Know that you are among friends, here. I am in the same boat. After some medication mishaps and a foot injury, I went from a long distance runner and heavy lifter to completely sedentary. Then I got Covid, which has knocked down even my ability to walk for long periods of time. Looking at about a 45lb gain at this point.…
  • What a coincidence. I broke my toe several years ago the same way. Despite the pain, I was happy that it gave me my first day off between college and my retail job in 3/4 months. I threw on some Converse shoes, laced them up tight so my toe wouldn’t move, and lived it up those couple of days. Needless to say, I do not…
  • Honestly, I am working from home, and I put my level to sedentary with negative calorie adjustments for my fitness tracker. That way, I’m not trying to guess my activity level. Many suggest of doing it that way because it’s removing the guessing work. I definitely wouldn’t put active. Lightly active at best. If you do not…
  • I’m trying the month trial on this newish account (I’ve been on MFP for about 9 years), and the only difference I see is that I can actually read forums on the mobile app. I’m guessing because the ads are removed. The free version just gives me the spinning wheel of death, even on an iPhone 12. If anything, it makes me…
  • You can see the happiness in your eyes. They’re shining! You did/are doing an amazing job!
  • I would absolutely love new friends! Gamer, teacher (virtual at the moment - not helping the Covid 20lbs), and looking to lose 50+ pounds. Would love to get to know some new faces!
  • My big one right now that has landed me worse off than ever is assuming I could intuitive eat. I was always a calorie counter, including food scales, and I have found after a year of denial that I’m okay counting calories for most of my life.
  • Hi everyone. I’m a nerd from Wisconsin that would love some new friends! I’m just coming back after a long hiatus where I sadly found out that intuitive eating is not my thing. So back to counting we go, with about 40-50lbs to lose.
  • Understanding that this isn’t a daily occurrence, so it’s okay to indulge here and there within reason. There’s no reason not to enjoy the holidays as long as it’s within moderation. Restricting too much may cause the opposite effect, such as binging or burnout.
  • Chinese food will always be my downfall, and I don’t feel an ounce guilty for it! Great job!
  • You are better off starting you’re own thread on this. OP, only you can determine if you will lose interest. It’s never to early to start, but motivation can waiver. It comes down to your ability to stay committed.
  • I didn’t have to cut any calories.. I just had to look in my fridge. Although the thread above is useful, it should also be noted that many do not have 6 packs year round due to the low fat percentage it can require.
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  • When my father died, I also stopped eating. So I know that it can be difficult to force. It looks like you already did the first important step and sought out a doctor to help. Possibly they have some recommendations? When I struggle to eat, I try to get calories in through things like protein shakes, peanut butter, things…
  • Unless under doctor supervision, which does not mean a book, you should not be eating under 1200 calories, and that’s typically more for shorter individuals. The reason you gained the weight back quickly was due to water replenishing the fat cells. I suggest making it easier on yourself and input your data on MFP, follow…
  • Yeah the app is helpful when it comes to helping with macros and lifting. Welcome! :)
  • Those 2-3 weeks will fly by. Awesome job at doing what you can! Rest from surgery always feels like it’s eternal.
  • I would love new friends! Currently down 6lbs from my heaviest and trying to get back into running and weight lifting. :)
  • When you say gains, what are you referring to? You’re balling a lot of goals into one. Although not completely unmanageable, if you have a specific goal like gaining muscle, then a calorie deficit can cause such a goal to be difficult to obtain (aside from recomping). If you’re overall goal is just to become more healthy,…
  • I’m still trying to figure out how to change my name on connect, but here’s mine: ETA: Anyone is free to add. :) It’s so lonely after switching over from Fitbit.
  • I would not mind having so new friends to talk to. :) I’m a gamer, love weight lifting and running, and am aiming to lose about 30-40lbs after a hard year of stabilizing medications. I would love to talk to new folks.
  • Well seeing that beer is out.. Gaming. Whether with others or myself. It would keep my mind off of food. Pokémon Go still continues to be motivation for me to get up and moving. Due to the pain, you could do something like yoga until it clears up.
  • I agree with worrying less about intervals at the moment and building volume. To answer your question though, when I first started running, I was in the 12:00-13:00 min/mile range. It took over a year to get that down to about 10:50-11:20 with a few under 10 mins/mile. However, it should be noted that this was after I…
  • If you opt to weigh every day and truly are in a deficit, you have to accept that weight loss is not linear. The body is a constant state of fluctuation. I recommend using a trend weight app. It helps see the bigger picture over time.
  • Assuming no other changes happen, meaning you are accurately measuring your intake with a food scale, the water weight should come off eventually. Any time I switched birth controls, I typically saw a spike. I don’t ever recall paying attention to how long it took, but I didn’t have to change anything beyond what I was…
  • I’m currently dealing with this as well; however, assuming your scale batteries are fine, it could be simple fluctuations. I do recommend a food scale if you currently are not using one to ensure your intake is accurate. Otherwise, a weight trend app might help ease the frustration of daily fluctuations.
  • Seeing that I’m bipolar, that comment made me laugh more than anything. I wish I didn’t have extensive experience with meds, Zoloft included, but that’s life. :lol: That being said, understanding CICO still becomes key. Even when a med changes the equation somewhere along the line.
  • There are so many variables at play here. Starting off, during the time you were on Zoloft, were you accurately tracking your calorie intake and exercise?
  • One thing that has helped me is to distribute the snacks into serving sizes. So I get something like a box of Cheez-it’s, I weigh out one serving and put it into baggies. It allowed me to actually visualize what I was snacking on. As a result, I slowly was able to cut back. As mentioned, it might be beneficial just to keep…