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  • Also on prep for my 2nd show. 11 weeks out for me at the moment, started prep around 14-15 weeks out.
  • I was just going to say that. A female on gear could probably gain that much if nutrition & diet is on point but a natural? Nope.
  • Yeah, same here. Once a guy gave me a tip about stiff leg deadlifts. He was right and I wasn't paying attention to my form at the time so I welcomed the advice. I mean, it always depends on how the person is approaching me. The guy ended up talking to me for a while (no clue if he was flirting or not) but he was respectful…
  • ONE are my favorites at the moment. I also loooveee Power Crunch but the macros aren't as good. They are delicious like those wafer cookies though. Great as a dessert.
  • Sushi is my weekly cheat meal 95% of the time (with a glass of wine... or two). But yesterday it was a huge steak + french fries. It was delicious. Or in the summer a ice cream cone with sprinkles is a win.
  • Thanks for sharing I was wondering the same thing...
  • I am 5'5 and 120-122 pounds and wear a size 4 in most pants/shorts/etc. My current jeans are from Guess and they're a size 26.
  • I don't eat clean... I eat whatever will fit my macros and achieve my goals better this way. It works well for me! Feel free to add me.
  • Just added all of you ;)
  • Anywhere between 1600 (rare, only if I'm inactive that day) to 2,300.
  • I just started working out again yesterday. Got my membership to the gym and I also registered for two weekly Stroller-Cardio classes. Can't wait to be back to lifting and doing as much as before. It may take some time though, my son is 1 month old today.
  • I'm 9 days postpartum, gained around 28-30 pounds. I was 125 pounds pre-pregnancy and I'm now down to 137. Still 12 pounds to go, I don't plan on going back to the gym until I'm 4 weeks postpartum, and will get back to martial arts when I'm 8 weeks pp. We'll see how difficult getting back to 125 pounds will be without…
  • I'm sorry to read you had a difficult birth... It's a good idea not to log, your body needs to heal. I hope you feel better soon!!
  • 37 weeks and up 26 pounds so far! I think I'll reach 30 pounds... Only 3 more weeks to go that's crazy...
  • I just stopped using retinol but did not change anything else.
  • So I'm 36 weeks and up 25.5 pounds right now. Almost there!!! Can't wait to get my body back, this is getting difficult now!
  • I had the ok to keep lifting. But I was doing it before. I did squats/deadlifts during both of my pregnancies. I kept doing what I was doing before (including over the head movements like the shoulder press). The only thing I changed is that I stopped pull ups because they didn't feel right, I did not train abs and didn't…
  • I sometimes can gain 2 pounds in a week, and almost nothing the next. I suspect some of it is just water retention or bloating. I was 144 last week and now I am 143.8 (I'm 31 weeks).
  • The water retention is crazy in those temperature... I feel the same way :( We can motivate each other once we give birth, I find it's easier to lose the weight afterwards than to try to control is during pregnancy. I mean, we have control to some degree, but unfortunately not entirely...
  • We're all different... Also, your pre-pregnancy weight determines how much you should gain according to my doctor... So try not to worry about it! You're doing great, there is little you can do at this point. I'm 29 weeks and also up almost 20 pounds. I'm ok with it, and so is mt doctor. I seem to gain a little less in the…
  • I'll join in August, for sure!!! :D
  • I'm following IIFYM (if it fits your macros) so I just basically eat whatever I want... in moderation. I try to get at least 100g of protein daily though (did not succeed today). I gained 25 pounds with my son and I'm doing the same at the moment, and gaining at the same pace. I eat around 1900 calories which seems to be…
  • 26 weeks today!! :) Almost in the third trimester... Up +16 pounds and I'm ok with it. I'm gaining almost exactly like I was with my son, it's so strange. My belly really popped this week too! SW: 123 pounds Week 7: 124.2 (+1.2) Week 9: 125 (+2) Week 10: 125 (+2) Week 11: 125.4 (+2.4) Week 12: 126.4 (+3.4) Week 13: 126.8…
  • Well, I've been a bit sick and not hungry for the past few days so I didn't gain much this week but comes today and I am STARVING so I'm expecting a bigger gain next week. I'm right on track according to my doctor so it's all good. It's so strange because I'm exactly the same weight, at 24 weeks, as I was when I was…
  • Almost there!!! I'm sending you labor vibes!! Hopefully this baby shows up soon :)
  • I keep lifting during my pregnancies. My doctor is fine with it, although he doesn't know my numbers but he just tells me to keep doing what I was doing before, and adjust if needed. I listen to my body... I don't lift as heavy, but it's mostly because I don't feel I have enough energy to recover from heavy lifting…
  • Halfway there!! Up 10.2 pounds this morning. SW: 123 pounds Week 7: 124.2 (+1.2) Week 9: 125 (+2) Week 10: 125 (+2) Week 11: 125.4 (+2.4) Week 12: 126.4 (+3.4) Week 13: 126.8 (+3.8 gained in the first trimester) Week 14: 127.8 (+4.8) Week 15: 129 (+6) Week 16: 128.8 (+5.8) Week 17: 129.8 (+6.8) Week 18: 131.6 (+8.6) Week…
  • I've been sooooo hungry for the past 3-4 days it's crazy! I'll be 20 weeks thursday. Am I the only one who's been starving? I'm constantly eating :( Hopefully it's just a phase. I'm back to work tomorrow after my mat leave so I will probably eat a little less, since I tend to eat less when I'm at work, doing paperwork,…
  • Well 2 months later I'm doing amazing :) I have great strength training workouts 3-4x a week, do cardio another 3-4x and I also walk daily. I feel great, I have way more energy. But I'm going back to work next week and might decrease the workouts a bit, because I will want to spend time with my son when I come home... But…