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  • Yep - one year strong here. :)
  • I did two rounds of this program so here's my thoughts (as a person who, you know, actually went through it). For me, it worked when other things didn't. No, it's not just "eat one less meal and save those calories for later." Yes, intermittent fasting is a big part of it. It also completely revamped the way I workout.…
  • I've done intermittent fasting for 6 months through the program Faster Way to Fat Loss and have not had any issues at all. My biggest advice is to make sure you get good quality food during the time you do eat, and hitting your macros in the right proportion.
  • I am! Finishing round one now and signed up for round 2. Loved it.
  • Focus on small, short term goals. Like, REALLY short term- "all day today I will have no pop!" "Today I will walk for 10 minutes!" When you see a long way between where you are and where you want to be, it seems impossible. Look for easier victories to help boost your self-confidence!
  • How active were you before? The couch to 5K program is great, but going from very little exercise to suddenly working out 3-4 days a week will make the body go WHOA!!! If you have never jogged before, I would hold off on the jogging and just walk, but rest off the leg until the pain goes away.
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  • At restaurants, I use their posted nutrition information if it's available. If I'm eating someplace where nutrition info isn't available, either smaller restaurants or friends' or whatever, I guess, but guess high. I've been on MFP for about 3 years, but since I always hear that people underestimate how many calories…
  • I'm 5'2" too! I think it's really hard for us shorties to lose weight because we don't have as much wiggle room as taller folks. Going 100 calories over isn't a big deal when you're 5'7" and your calorie budget is 2000, but for us it's a big percentage of our calorie allotment for the day. Things add up fast. If your doc…
  • We have a siberian husky- KNOWN for being long distance runners, but she's older. She definitely lets us know when she's hitting her limit. After about 3 miles she starts slowing down more and more. When the leash constantly has tension that tells me the run is over, time to walk the rest of the way home. Then she'll lay…
  • Play with the spices! Cauliflower is a good example... by itself, meh. But roasted with a little olive oil and oregano? Yum. If you like spicy foods, roast veggies and add a ton of chili powder or cumin. Experiment with the seasoning and you might be surprised. Otherwise, I agree with others- your list is already pretty…
  • I think you could be surprised at how many might appreciate thin crust!
  • I have found that wheat really affects my water weight. I'd be well within my calories but my weight would fluctuate as much as three pounds from one day to the next. Clearly I'm not eating an extra 10,000 calories or getting a 10,000 calorie workout in a few times a week! I dropped most wheat from my diet in December and…
  • Congrats on quitting!!
  • If there's an official recipe, MFP's recipe builder is great for this! When I cook at home for family I use it often. I don't generally measure out portions, but if the recipe says it serves four I generally do get four servings out of it, so I just put 1 serving and let MFP calculate it out. Now, when it's not something I…
  • If you're updating your weight under the check-in feature, once you've hit a significant loss (which I think yarwell is right, 10 pounds) it will suggest adjusting your calories. MFP generally recommends checking-in with an updated weight every week.
  • Yes, you can modify it from the website, but not on your phone. Mine are breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner, evening snacks. I'm a frequent mini-mealer too!
  • Mine was a little quirky last night- I did a long run and the calories weren't showing up in MFP. Later they were. Then they weren't again. Very bizarre.
  • Both, technically... it's probably 55 kcals per serving, and the can has two servings. The scanner is set to default to one serving size. So if you have the whole can it'd be 110 for 2 servings.
  • I've had a fitbit charge hr for about a month and I love it. I've been consistently tracking my food for about 2 years and decided to give it a shot after plateauing for a long time. It's been really helpful- I always considered myself very active, but the fitbit reports kept showing me as LIGHTLY active. It's really…
  • At the risk of incurring the wrath of the hardcore CICO people :) I had the same problems when I was super vigilant about staying around 1300 calories and working on regularly without eating calories back. I'd lose a tiny bit but nothing like what pure math showed I should. (And YES, CICO people, I weighed and recorded all…
  • My hands swell too! I have to remember to take my rings off before heading out. I agree with mrsbaldee that weight doesn't seem to make a difference. Sodium? Should I walk with my hands up like I do when I run?
  • Because it's harder to connect with folks on the other side of the world, maybe? :) Welcome to MFP kayrae0218, and I sent you a friend request!
  • I have a charge HR and I love it!! It really showed me how much I was underestimating how many calories I burn in exercise. I would love some new friends there- the Fitbit forums are nowhere near as active as MFP. :) Here's me:
  • I got a charge with the heart rate monitor about three weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. A few things I've noticed- mine does not track steps when my arm isn't moving, like when I'm pushing my son in the stroller. However, it does notice that my heart rate has gone up, so I still get activity points and my calorie burn…
  • The person in the office next to me who sniffles, snorks, and makes all other kinds of DISGUSTING nasal noises every ten seconds. BLOW YOUR FRIGGIN NOSE. TAKE A FRIGGIN CLARITIN. I can't keep down my lunch.
  • That's so great! Way to go!
  • No advice- all I want to say that you are a great wife for being so concerned about your family. It's hard to watch a loved one make poor choices and you are a strong woman for trying to speak up about it. What to do next, is whatever YOU feel is right. Good for you for being concerned for him, that comes with being…