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  • It's been about 2 months since I came back here. My mini goal was log and walk. I've added some online workout routines from an online site I like. Went times permit I walk 30 min and workout 30 mins. When times (or weather) does not permit, I do what I can. I have introduced my yoga and meditation routine back, in the…
  • Thank you so much ! I was starting to wonder about the recommended calories intake being too high including exercice calories. (and yes I do estimate by weight and not volume of food). At least I stopped the upward weight curve, and that is a good sign :) I continue to walk each day, and I've picked up again on some online…
  • So I've done that for almost a month, log everything and walk everyday. I've walked from 30min when I had no time or when it was raining to 10k in about 1h50 min (6 times in the last month since I've started to track my fitness activity with the Apple Watch, closing the rings every day). Kinda depressing to see that I am…
  • I posted for the first time on Apr 16rh, so that is 9 days ago. So far I'm holding up to my mini-goal : walk every day and log. And I have met all my daily goals from my watch :) Now to maintain that and then, I will go to the loosing weight goal.
  • Bravo ! Now the real stuff begins :)
  • Current mini-goal : walk at least half hour every day if it is not raining, and go back to logging my meals ans snacks. I got an Apple Watch a month ago and went back to MFP after over 5 or 6 years (when I got a Fitbit that died on me recently). A knee and ankle injury had me stop running and playing tennis, we are in the…