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  • I also have a pair of "The Jeans". I was shopping at Goodwill because I wanted a few pieces of clothing that fit better while I'm moving towards my goal. I saw a pair of jeans and as I held them up and considered them, I thought, "this is the size I want to be" , so I bought them. There is no size tag in the jeans but they…
  • Why not just skip breakfast? It doesn't sound like you enjoy that meal very much.
  • I love it! I eat from about 3:00-10:00ish. This works for me because I don't have to worry about bringing any food to work and I get to eat more food in the evening which is when I want to eat it anyway. I still count calories though...that's always the most important aspect of any plan. This way of eating just feels good…
  • I'm currently on a 4 hour road trip. 2 hours in, we just stopped at Bu-cee's gas station which has lots of unique snacky food. Got back on the bus with nothing. Yay me!!
  • This train has gotten derailed many, many times over these 9 months, 😕but I've always gotten back on track. 😁 I haven't totally stopped. So even me, someone who has not done very well at all, but didn't stop, has lost 5 lbs in 9 months. The 🔑 is never quitting, even if the progress is painfully slow, the scale is moving in…
  • Maybe so. All I know is I like whats happening here and I'm going to keep doing it!
  • Sorry I misquoted you! 😀 I didn't read it closely enough!
  • About 40 lbs. There were many days I didn't eat in a deficit though. I also, think the person who posted above about low carbs being key is also correct because, not that I did low carb per say but I ate less. In effect low-carbing-it is what you're doing in the fasting window.
  • Which ever one you feel like eating that that one! 😋
  • I like to feel full. For me, I've found time restricted eating to be the most helpful tool I've found this go round. I only eat from 3-10 pm most days, but I get to eat a lot in those hours! I know it seems counter intuitive to what we've been taught our whole lives about eating, but for me it works and It may work for…
  • A rather unique NSV!
  • I love my (almost) nightly Caramel Apple Pie Light and Fit Greek yogurt. I look forward to it. Its only 80 calories and satisfies me. Or, orville r. smart pop microwave popcorn. Two snack size bags makes me happy and is 200 calories. Some days I have enough left for that.
  • Yes! My yearly triglycerides level was always about 200, several years in a row (like 12), some of those times I was eating in a deficit, but not doing IF. The last 2 years I've been doing IF 18:6. The first year they were 99, just recently 86. My cholesterol has dropped a few points but wasn't affected all that much.
  • I've given up eating breakfast and an early lunch as I now do time restricted eating and eat from 3-10 PM. 😁 Other than that, about the only thing I've actually given up is regular soda.
  • I now don't waste my calories on sub-par baked goods/sweets. There are too many calories in them to be underwhelmed. Also, I now drink a protein shake or eat greek yogurt every day to help up the protein count which I am now mindful of.
  • That you just don't feel comfortable in your own skin. It literally feels tight when you've gained weight. A bad, bad feeling for sure.
  • I totally get it. Unfortunately I have no good advice for you because I'm stuck in the rut too. I have weighed between 203-208 for 6 months! Its like I have a mental block against getting under 200, which is crazy because I believe I do want to! I think for me there are two problems. 1. I have the lost the intense…
  • I wish we had a "Funny!" button!😁
  • I fast 17 hours a day and exercise right slam in the middle of that window. It doesn't matter about the food unless for some reason you find that you feel sickish or something.
  • Whatever shoe you buy, also buy some cushioning inserts. They make a world of diference!! I love the idea of rotating two pairs of shoes too.
  • Don't be appalled at people's diaries. Not everyone has the same goals. It has never, ever been a goal for me to eliminate processed food. It probably never will be. Also, everyone is at a different spot in their journey. Maybe the struggle is not to eat a whole bag of powdered sugar mini donuts, and a mini victory is to…
  • Baby steps... to eat at or under my calorie goal today. I've failed miserably the last 2 days. 😩
  • Milk. Just plain ol' 2% white 🐄 milk! I suppose its because I've cut down on so many of my refined sugar treats, that it actually tastes sweet to me, and yummy, and creamy. Getting in a habit of drinking it every evening. Plus, a woman always needs her calcium!
  • Well I would recommend you self evaluate whats going on and how you are feeling during the times when you overeat. If you see a trend, you will be quicker to recognize it when it begins to happen again. The next step would then be to develop a plan to combat it. For instance, I have learned recently that I eat when I am…
  • It can work (for weight loss is what I assume you are referring to) but you also should count your calories in your eating window and make sure you are eating the appropriate amount of food for the weight loss goal you choose. I also like to monitor my protein to make sure I'm getting enough. For me, I eat about 7 hours…
  • You mentioned in a response to someone that you are working out "3 to 4 hours a day" Even though you are filling up with a lot of fiber and your stomach is "full" , maybe you are actually not eating enough, hence the cravings? How many calories do you eat a day and how many do you figure you burn working out? What is your…
  • Going to a Christian camp with my kids in 5 weeks. Hope to be under 200 before I go. I'm at 205 now so its iffy! I hear the food is not very good there so if I don't succeed before camp, maybe I'll be there by the time I come home!
  • That seems like a lot to do (300 floors) for basically the first time exercising on it! Im wondering if you'll be super sore 2 days from now. I hope not!
  • This post really has made me think about myself. I have fears too, and I've just never really realized how much of a factor they are in my self-sabotaging of my progress. Thank you for posting. You expressed your/my experience well. 😁 Now that I have a little more insight about my fears (just realizing I have them is…