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  • I buy clothes from the thrift. usually a couple pieces that fit nicely and a couple that are a tad snug and will fit soon so I'm not suddenly left with nothing to wear that isn't baggy. I hate working this hard and then having to wear ill fitting, b…
  • (Image) Im 5'9.5". I think my before pics are a bit under my heaviest of 200lbs, my afters(even though I'm not quite done) are at 143 this morning. I've lost 80lbs before. It was after I had my son but I had struggled to loose the weight afte…
  • I have never had someone pick at me for over eating and being over weight and eating butt loads of junk food but the amount of people that seem to have a need to comment now that I'm choosing fruits and veggies over cookies or diet pop/water over al…
  • My grandma doesn't have much time left after being diagnosed with lung cancer along with some other issues she already had. She's been baking up a storm and I love everything she makes. She keeps sending me delicious carrot cake, my favourite cookie…
  • I was stressing a bit about easter dinner cause I won't be cooking this year and didn't think I'd have much for lower cal choices. I asked my mom to make baked Brussels sprouts and beets which I love. I prelogged my dinner(I usually pre log my food …
  • Eggs Apples Carrots Zuccini Chicken Cottage cheese Unsweetened coconut milk Quickoats Peanutbutter Spinach Bananas Franks buffalo sauce Herbs and spices
  • I've already gotten back to my normal weight range instead of overweight. That was my first mini goal and made me so happy. My current mini goal is to loose as much as my 5 year old weighs.(7 pounds to go)
  • 2 boiled eggs 1 mini baby bell Cucumber slices