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  • Got it! Thanks - you guys are full like crazy!
  • Absolutely! This is fantastic :heart:
  • no problem - that is always the best solution when we aren't sure what someone is up to. Thanks!
  • OK. Don't panic. I'm trying not to - but there are several blank spaces for weigh-ins :grimace: Get these in by crack of dawn tomorrow, ok? Let's finish the month without a pile of NWIs! (no-weigh-ins) @MandiSaysHey @CurvyCalorie @Pearl4686 @evangsimmons170 And @Gidgitgoescrazy - hop in there with a starting weight.…
  • My ONLY healthy beverage is water, or herbal teas. I love licorice teas - they are sweet without adding any kind of sweetener at all. I also love the astringent teas like lemon balm and sweet fern. I cannot drink actual tea at all - for some reason it gives me ferocious heartburn. Once in a while I can get away with it,…
  • Never complain about a week with a loss however small! Here's to a lower snack count in August!
  • The August 2021 Team Chat is OPEN! Finish up this week's weigh-ins here, and head over to August for introductions, goal updates, and to get ready for a new month -
  • The August 2021 Team Chat is OPEN! Finish up this week's weigh-ins here, and head over to August for introductions, new goals, and get ready for a new month.
  • The August 2021 Team Chat is OPEN! Finish up this week's weigh-ins here, and then head over to August for introductions, new goals to share, and get ready to roll!
  • The August 2021 Team Chat is OPEN! Finish up the weigh-ins for this week here, and head over to August for introductions, goals for the month, and getting another new month up and running.
  • The AUGUST 2021 Team Chat is Open! Please go on over to introduce yourselves, revise your goals for the month, and get ready. Continue this week's weigh-ins and step reports here, and then you'll be all ready for August tomorrow!…
  • Welcome to August! This is our home for the month, where all of our triumphs and challenges take place. Please (re)introduce yourselves and set some goals and daily actions for the month. Focus on the small every day choices, and you will get where you want to go! I am Liselyn, co-captain along with @ashleycarole86 . I…
  • Our new August 2021 Team Chat is open! Please go ahead over to introduce yourselves, update your goals and plans for August and get ready to roll. Continue to enter this week's weigh-ins and steps/exercise here. Sunday weigh-ins go on the new month - get ready!…
  • Thanks for this, Kristi! At the moment, it is a toss-up between connection and meaning. I have plenty of the others, except maybe play. I think the most important one right now is connection. I'll go to the farmer's market today where I see a lot of people I know. I'll contact my friend for a walk and hopefully playing…
  • We will miss you, Cyndie - you have done an amazing job at the hardest range of weight loss. I hope you keep in touch sometimes just to let us know how you're doing, or to get a dose of inspiration when you need one. You can always find us and put in a quick post! I wish you well with your husband through this time. I know…
  • I'm grateful for this wonderful place I live and the good health and fitness I have built to keep enjoying it! Feeling fine at 67 out in the woods of Québec.
  • It is a wild and windy evening here - very high gusts, and a pileated woodpecker singing quite earnestly nearby. It would make a great soundtrack for a dramatic moment in a scary movie! Kind of a down day, though. Can't seem to get going much, so I'm just going to let it be and get out and about more tomorrow. I think it…
  • @JourneyAlone Welcome! I see in your photo that you are a lover of horses - very welcome here, for sure. Let's see if your journey can include this team - you have come so far already! Go ahead and introduce yourself, and we'll all head over to the August chat thread tomorrow or Sunday. Thanks for joining us!
  • There will be a new team chat thread opening up tomorrow - be sure to come here and find the link to the new chat, or just go to the F2F home page and it will be among the Discussions. See you there!
  • @happimess01 Sam - there's a 1 at the beginning of your weight, and you must be wearing a huge smile! Not to mention snapping your suspenders, as they say here in Québec when you're really proud. Tu te pètes tes bretelles! And with good reason. Deadlifts and squats are a great way to get that strength thing happening - you…
  • I'm suffering from a number deficiency - help put me out of my misery :grimace: Weigh-ins due through Thursday: @MandiSaysHey @CurvyCalorie @KellyBgetsFit @marsipan100 @PlaneMonkey (if you're around! even on maintenance, it is good to weigh in) Due Friday: @Pearl4686 @conleywoods @happimess01 @gak71 Thanks!
  • I'll excuse her for this week and move her to support for August - she did have a loss this month, and it should count!
  • You are going to laugh at me, but keeping in shape in the summer is all about having a blast in the winter. Winter WINS.
  • @bowens1973 Don't sweat it. Remember what to do? ONE perfect day. Then you'll be all set to get back on track. I just had to do the same thing. Kick that slip to the pavement before it gets to thinking it's a boulevard! @EvMakesChanges You have lost over 5 pounds this month, so that blip is a nothing! Thanks for the…
  • Hi @wolfy1234 It is great to have you here - we do indeed have a couple other men, and lots of great energy. Tell us a bit about yourself, and where you are from - whatever you are comfortable sharing. Pile on the questions if you have any, and you'll be up and running! I'm sure you're on the right team, too. My sister…
  • Where are the rest of the Wednesday people? Running on high summer time, I see... Get those numbers in - @EvMakesChanges @KellyBgetsFit @MoStacy Ready for Thursday? @ashleycarole86 @eggfreak @marsipan100 @bowens1973 Still hoping to hear from @MandiSaysHey @CurvyCalorie Thanks!
  • Don't laugh, but Pickles or other sour foods are a great way to stop a craving for sweets in its tracks. And you can eat a lot of them!
  • I'm in my own dog house. I just slipped up over my top "goal zone" weight. It has been a sloppy month and I'm not very inspired to get out and sweat, so my plan to fix this right away is:* weigh daily (I start skipping when I don't wanna know...) * pre-log the food for the day every morning. Breakfast is easy since it is…
  • A weekly average can really help when you are going through swings like this. It's a drag when you have a nice low day on your actual weigh-in day, but it gives you a clear idea from week to week if you're steadily going up or down, or just sticking on one spot. Give it a try!
  • @TeresaW1020 you should try the crazy set up I have! It is easy, way bubblier than soda stream, and very, very inexpensive. Start-up is the tank, the setup for gauge, hose, and coupler, and the tops for the bottles. I have stainless steel ones now that are way better than the plastic ones we used to have. Once that expense…