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  • Omg congrats on your huge lost in so short time!. No, I'm not giving up, we're not giving up!, just wanna keep doing what I'm doing and see the scale moving. I'll make sure to post in a few weeks with updates. Thanks 😇
  • Yea I'm not expecting the rate to be the same, of course it hasn't be the same at all, the first 6 months the weight was coming off way faster, after that the next 8 month it was slower but sure thing the scale was moving. I just would like the scale to move that's it and hopefully a downward trend and not up/the same.…
  • Hi!! Yes I've suspected that too and have read about it people who have being for son long on calories deficit their metabolism and their BMR gets affected, but God I'm so not in the mood for 1200 calorie diet. Sure, I've had days I don't hit the gym or not too hungry and I can eat like that but every day that few calories…
  • Thanks!! Will keep doing what I'm doing. Honestly I don't have plans to eat less.. Specially days that i hit the gym, so my body gonna have to do his thing like it did it before when i lost 100 lbs with no excersice😄. Hopefully the scale will move in the next few weeks. Good thing is that I feel great regards the scale not…
  • Yes I already checked that about 1 month ago just to be sure and those are the numbers I get for 1.5 loss per week, 1410 cals. 🙂
  • Hiii again sorry I'm not very active at the forums currently and was trying to edit my reply before but couldn't. Anyway Thank you for reaching out but yes I already check that during my whole journey I've update my weight/goals with mfp settings and the last time wasn't that long ago at all. I've had it 2lbs per week but…
  • Hi. I already did that. And yes according to mco I should eat 1410 cals for -1.5lbs per week.
  • I find myself confuse should I work out more or less? Should I eat more or less? In mind when my fitbit syncs 900-1000 cals more than my normal allowance I always thinks well nothing is 100% perfect, i like to think I burn half of it and eat 25% or so of it. I can't hesitate how much easier was when i lost 100+lbs with no…
  • Ok, I'll keep doing what I'm doing. 🙏hopefully I'll see some change soon. I do weigh the cheese stick and pb2 and avocado and the bread, etc. I get what you're saying about the water retain but I would have thought that in 3 weeks the body would have adjust. It's so frustrating, I started the gym in the first day of my…
  • Eggs are boiled. I mostly eat 1 full egg and on 2 I take yolks out and just eat eggwhites. Chicken it just mrs dash, paprika, cinnamon and cumin. How its suspect? I used my fitbit and that's what it says and really I don't go hard on those calories burn/earned at all, according to mfp I should eat 1410 to lose 1.5 lbs per…
  • Everything's that you see tbsp these and that, its because first I put the serving size in grams/oz in my food scale. I've used my food scale since day 1.
  • Yea I do. I measured everything. When u see 2 tbsp. Its because it's 32g of peanut butter, avocado ? I just had breakfast, 80g of avocado everything on the scale first. Even the bread and things that come pre package I put it first in the scale amd verify. Thanks anyway
  • Nothing wrong. I eat bread daily. -100lbs and still going. Nothing to be afraid. Incorporating bread in my diet was the best choice ever and very affordable to my pocket.
  • 40g old fashion oats 8 oz unsweetened almond milk Cinnamon 1 scoop of vanilla protein Everything low over stove Yummy!! Plus 2 soft boiled medium eggs 😍#loveit🗣 is it morning time yet??
  • Txs for replying. My winter coat its 1X and fits fine, don't know how many X I would be in the pants section :smile:
  • Oh wow great txs for the input!. I started at 321 and really stop buying clothes or should I say fit in my regular jeans probably when I was 300lbs or so, i think the biggest size of jeans I had was like 22 and I still fit in those at 300lbs, Idk but my hips are big and the booty too, is it because I don't carry so much…
  • I started at 321lbs, I stop buying clothes but I can remember when I was 300 or so the highest size of pants that I had was like 22 i believe. Congrats on your lost btw! I'm gonna go shopping in a few weeks in different brands to see around where I am exactly.
  • Ok cool, got it. Yes, that's the average that I usually see for ladies at my weight. I'm a bit confused of how heavy I am and how I fit in a size 12(I did laundry today and saw half the jeans I claim size 14 were actually 12), it has to be the brand. In a few weeks I'm going to go shopping to compare some brands and get an…
  • Hi! Sorry for my late reply. Yes I understand that completely that all body carry their fat in all sorts of way, I'm just confuse cause I see women constantly posting their size and height/weight here in mfp and I don't relate at all, like today I'm doing laundry I've just realized that half of my jeans same brand but…
  • Yup me too. It used to automatically update my extra cals and my step count but it's doing it on and off for the last few days 🙁
  • My top 3 are: Cottage cheese 1% Power crunch triple chocolate Grape tomatoes with 1-2oz of extra sharp cheese or any cheese basically
  • A man. Sex. Cuddle. Be in love. To Release endorphins and burn some cals 🖤
  • Wowww you look amazing!! A whole diferent person. Congrats!! 🎉😁
  • Congratulations🎉🎊 best feeling ever. I did exactly the same 1/2/18! Can't wait for onederland myself
  • U look awesome 😙
  • I would like to add that I'm very jealous of that weather. Where in earth do you actually live!? . anyway very freezing here in NY too 🤦
  • Damn i don't even post like ever but I'll share my humble opinion. It wasn't food, let make it clear IT WAS NEVER THE EFFING FOOD, don't get me wrong i like food but my 321 lbs issue was the emotional factor. I used to numb everything with food, I really really thought that I was meant to be obese the same my skin is fair…
  • Yeah I totally get it, I have like 10 days of the month that I know its pointless lol, the 2 days before TOM, 5 days in TOM and like 2-3 days its disaster of how much water I retain and how blow I am. The only thing I can say while I'm TOM its that I really feel like iukkk with food thats when I eat the lower amount of…
  • Hi good morning, yeah I weigh my meat cooked, I track my fiber before but I was always pretty much over the 25g goal, that and sugar are the easiest thing for me. Oats too whatever amount dry for sure, peanuts 28g too, I'm going to take it easy this rest of the week, keep logging and no worry about the scale that today…
  • No worries, I believe you'll here with good intentions! If what you're doing works for you and doesn't affect your health in a bad manner, go for it :smile: