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  • Have you tried Sweaty Betty? Some real cute if slightly useless gym wear. Marks has a unexpectedly low cut fitted range of sports wear and sells push up sports bras. H&m has a good selection of unusual cut tops and shorts in their active range if your on a budget. Golddigger has some good sports wear too, not the most…
  • My belt loop getting caught on door handles. People who walk slowly and zigzag down the road Anyone who uses the word babe towards me - I become irrationally angry and start making pig noises. My neighbours lodgers freakishly high pitched laugh i can hear through my bedroom wall.
  • I wish I could like posts on here! Your awesome, well done! Great post Ive also just come out of a year long battle with depression anxiety and mild breakdown (somewhat funny to look back on now.) So I get how tough it must have been for you. I love your motto!
  • My neck! I really hope this stops soon (it's never happened before) and I start losing from my lower body pretty soon! Never occurred to me this would happen, Anyone else get neck weightloss?
  • Hid in my shed from the neighbours escaped puppy... LIKE A BOSS!!!!!
  • This^ but with stevia not splenda.
  • How many times have you tried to lose weight? If you mean drop a 3-4lbs - more times than I can count but I find that fairly easy! But efforts to lose large amounts of weight/total life change? once (maybe twice as I have about 8 to lose this time I guess) How many times with MFP? Once about 8ish years ago, lost over…
  • I've used her site for the single serve cookies and things as I'm another one who ends up cooking and eating that sort of food for two or 4 or 8 if I cook a whole batch. Ive no priblem with meals divided up but cookies etc i cannot just eat one serving. Not always the best tasting sweet snacks but they are really good for…
  • Prep it then freeze it in individual bags to take out the morning your going to want it or night before and reheat as needed As above said are you eating 7day old chicken?
  • You can't spot reduce the bits you don't like so I'm going to say to create the deficit needed the best exercise is one you enjoy and can keep at to burn those extra calories without making yourself miserable and giving up.
  • I'd opt for the "really? And how's that working for you?" Answer Or if she's on the small side and a little cardio bunny bat wingy I'd opt for the "True cardio is very good for weightloss but I don't really want wind up skinny fat and jiggly.." *pointed look at her weak spot...* I'm not the most Freindly of people though…
  • You are def hot again! Just wow, congrats!
  • Gotta be a little hairy! Just because of stubble! Turns guys into human exfoliators... If your gonna go all shiney ken-dollesque do it well guys! (Face stubble though? Can we bring that back into fashion please?) Seen some funny rashes and stubble on shaved guys....
  • When I used to drink and diet I'd alternate alcoholic drinks I really liked with soft drinks like diet coke. Half the calories as half the calorific drinks. Still fun though!
  • Cheat days are fine Some of us use our cheat day as a day we don't watch our macros is how. Mine are usually carbs high low fat or protein "cheats". I make sure to fit my cheat meal into that weeks calorie allotment I usually go over my maintance cals a bit but make sure I'm slightly under goal a couple days before. Not…
  • You'll turn into a pumpkin? Seriously though pumpkin chocolate cake is fantastic. Go to town on that pumpkin! Can cook so much with pumpkin! Can't find anywhere in uk atm sadly.
  • Waldens caramel or pancake syrup is supposed to be 0cal Personally I've grown to love them on my pancakes... don't try the chocolate though that's rank.
  • I plan about a week worth of meals and shop for it, meat I order once a month. (7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, multiple snacks and 7 dinners. Then plan which ones to eat on what day if something comes up sometimes cooking times etc have to change so I swap a meal around. Marco wise I plan my days to hit my protein and fat macros…
  • A good first day here too, avoided the bed by going to the shops. I really need to find something to do other than lounge, instead of laying around today it's going to be gardening or the dreaded accounts each time.
  • Hope your recovery goes well! If you were under general anesthesia you can retain alot of water and bloat! Often takes me a good 2-3 weeks after a general to get to my normalish weight. (7 general anesthetics in 9 months.. I've been tracking the weight it comes with out of some kind of morbid curiosity. Lol) Your body…
  • Dumbells with little plates so you can adjust how heavy they are.
  • Oh I use these and love them. Loads of offer on groupon and places for the hampers atm.
  • Yup, I always lose around my ribs and waist first esp the right side (I even had one boob swapped ouy to try and hide it. Lol). I hate it! Gives me a freaky rib line in tight tops and plenty of jiggle lower down. On the good side it probably means you have a waist! The rest will catch up and help you look more…
  • OMG! Exact same board I have! I used to cheat and move the little ships so my mum never won though. Lol.
  • Oh ICF looks good! I thought about going back to strong lifts with accessories but couldn't quite workout what I wanted to add. Lol
  • Hey I'm in! I'm off work for another 7.5 weeks and seem to keep winding up laying on a bed or my big square sofa bed... a challenge not too is just what I need! Who else?
  • Try a new form of exercise, join a new class or mix it up a bit? If you've been doing the same thing for so long you may just need some variety.
  • Go back to eating how you were eating the month you lost that 5lbs... 2800 calories will not ruin that achievement. It takes roughly 3500 calories OVER maintance to gain a lb! Don't let one calorific day get you down just jump back on the horse.
  • Narnia... was looking for my smaller sized pants and got lost.