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  • lmao I think you're talking about the Wim How method. Wim Hof primarily teaches breathing methods which is one of the 8 limbs of yoga. Meaning, in the practice of yoga, making shapes with your body is great but there area also 7 there things you're supposed to be doing. One of them is practicing breathing techniques. Yoga…
  • Theoretically you would but it would slow considerably the closer you got to your goal, because it wouldn't be much of a deficit. But our best indicator of what your maintenance cal/day is would be whether you lose weight. All those calculators are just making educated guesses.So there's no great way to even test the…
  • I have no idea what obvious signs you'd expect to see. This kind of trauma is generally invisible. For the most part, you can't even ask people. They'll say they had no childhood trauma when they were raped at the age of 6. You aren't just making some assumption sometimes. You're always ignorant. Hiding your pain is a…
  • I think the word "Addiction" trips people up. Just like alcohol and opiates, overeating is a coping mechanism. This is known. The largest study ever done on the long-term health effects of childhood trauma originated at an obesity clinic, the ACE study. There are ways to become addicted to alcohol and opiates without…
  • I walk at least two miles a day every day and I do an hour of vinyasa yoga five days a week minimum
  • I take prenatal vitamins as I hear they're good for the peri-menopause as well.
  • I'm doing what you're doing, I think. I'm not strictly low carb (I eat buttloads of fresh fruit) but I don't do any refined/simple carbs. No sugar, flour, or starches. And I'm vegan. My main reason for cutting simple carbs is it helps my mood immensely. Are you generally okay with beans, pulses, and non-starchy vegetables?…
  • I do a LOT of yoga and I find yin yoga helps with my shoulder so much. I try to do this pose for at least 5 minutes every day: Also helpful for me has been a foam…
  • Okay, if you get to be pedantic about not calling a person an amputee until the limb is gone, then fine. I take that back. But I get to be pedantic, too. It doesn't matter how interesting it is. This isn't statistics and probability. It's set theory. Your interest in the overlap doesn't matter, all that matters is if it…
  • No, the circle of people losing weight by counting calorie is entirely inside the circle for people losing limbs. That means that the only people losing weight by counting calories are people losing limbs. Or is that not applied to any circle? It's just words hanging in the air? In that case, circle around "people losing…
  • I'm sorry but that Venn diagram implies that people losing weight by counting carbs represent a subset of people losing limbs. That's a terrible Venn diagram.
  • I am doing Keto. I am also counting calories. I'm losing about 2lbs a month. If I didn't count calories, I might not be losing that, even. I might even gain. 10-20lbs a month is a good clip for somebody who is morbidly to super morbidly obese. That's the rate that Dr. Now recommends on My 600lb Life. It's achievable…
  • You don't think glycogen stores contribute to water retention?
  • You don't need to lose weight right now. Right now the most important thing for you to do is learn to really love yourself. Have you ever done amy programs or exercises ti this end? You are precious and perfect and you deserve to paint your nails every day.
  • Go significantly over your calories. Do it on purpose one day. How does that make you feel? Panicky? Depressed? Hopeless? Any similar overreaction? If so, you're probably in a dangerous head space about your weight loss.
  • Okay, keto is notorious for causing hella water loss at first. Even that didn't happen with you. That's odd. How are you feeling otherwise? Have you been to the doctor for a check up lately? You count net carbs. You don't count fiber.
  • I think three weeks is plenty of time, if keto isn't making you feel better or making weight loss easier, then it's probably not for you. I don't think keto really causes greater weight loss directly. It seems to me more that it helps with other issues that make weight loss difficult. Maybe you don't have any of those…
  • 8 lbs in a month and I am normal weight. These are vanity lbs. I'm 12ibs from my ideal BMI.
  • Are you aware of how condescending this story you're telling yourself is? Or are you okay with it? A great many people who do keto find an increase in focus, mental clarity, mood stabilization, energy stabilization, and clearer skin. Many keto people I speak to say they find their PCOS symptoms all but vanish on this diet.…
  • Keto isn't a weight loss plan in itself. You can gain weight in ketosis. You still need to count calories on Keto if you're trying to lose weight. Many find it's easier to eat less on keto is why it's used to lose weight. On another note, if you are logging 1200-1300 cal/per day and aren't satisfied with your weight loss,…
  • HOLD UP. You subtract sugar alcohols? For real?
  • @MissChrissyLaLa Took a few days. Keto can be trickier than you may realize. There's carbs in stuff you wouldn't imagine. As an example, a lot of beef jerky is loaded with sugar. If you struggle to get into ketosis, it may help to look closer at your diet. @BadApple2014 I didn't get keto flu. Not everybody does.
  • You won't ruin anything by skipping a day or two. You're also going to be fine if you work out sick. This situation really is just your call. Listen to your body. Do you think you're up for it?
  • Lol, I was thinking "shill" at the first post.
  • Those of us who are fit and healthy usually want other people to be fit and healthy. This is usually more so the healthier and fitter you get. If you want a really open, welcoming atmosphere, go to a serious Gold's Gym type of lifting place which is going to be the most intimidating from the outside, likely the most…
  • I do keto and I love it. Still... What do you mean by this? You can eat whatever you want, you just have to make sure you stay under your TDEE. So you probably want low calorie foods. It's that easy. I count calories still, even on keto. Counting calories is how I'm losing weight, keto simply facilitates that for me. We…
  • There isn't really one good cardio for a beginner. Pick the cardio you want to do then do it in intervals. Check the couch to 5k for an idea of what intervals are like. You can do this with any cardio, though. You just go as long as you can, take a break, then go again. Do it for about 30 min. It's that simple. It's really…
  • Have you tried Two Good yogurt? It's pretty decent.