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  • Your organs will probably preclude you losing that much from your waist from where you are now. Uterus, bowels etc - they take up space. 26' is very small already. If you want your waist to LOOK smaller, I'd recommend building some muscle in your glutes and legs.
  • Which vaccine, do you know? Pfizer has had an impact on the heart in a very small percentage of people - particularly younger men. I would get it checked. Even if it is all in your head - better safe than sorry, right?
  • Agree with the majority, timing of meals is insignificant - as long as you are eating in a deficit overall (the one set my MFP is usually fine) you will lose weight. Fasting/keto/eating-whilst-exclusively-standing-on-your-head are not necessary.
  • Yes, weigh everything, but weigh it raw, don't weigh again cooked. Just start the habit, don't stress if you aren't doing everything perfectly, no one does to start with, we all started somewhere, and good luck :) Don't know what you weigh now, but if you are over 300lb, then 2lb a week is a reasonable weight loss goal.
  • I'm similar, I'm super hungry up until lunchtime, so I eat my big meals early in the day and have a fairly light dinner. Sometimes I've eaten enough early on that I barely even want dinner.
  • Agree, nothing beats a pen and paper. The apps tend to be clunky and not as convenient as just glancing down at your notebook. I've been known to create my own spreadsheets as well, for easy entry and easy to see progress, but messing around with my laptop is still more annoying than just jotting it down.
  • Eeeeehhh taking all lifts to failure is sitting wrong with me, and seems like a recipe for injury. You do not need to lift to failure to progress or to gain strength; so long as you are employing progressive overload you will be progressing.
  • If you've set it to lose weight, and have entered the appropriate activity level (sedentary etc) then you will lose weight if you eat the number of calories it sets you. Best thing to do is give it a few weeks to see what happens - if you are losing at a good rate, perfect. If you aren't losing, make sure your logging and…
  • MFP is designed so that your daily activity is set based on what you do daily excluding exercise, then you add the exercise in on top of this. So if you are an office worker or student, for example, you would set it to sedentary, then add the exercise each day, so if you life for 45 minutes you would add a 45 minute…
  • Yep, hi from Lake Macquarie! I'm 163 cm and about 66kg, have been working to get down to 60kg, but have been struggling with consistency lately. Congrats on the loss, that's huge!
  • The whole point is that it's not borrowed - I'm not Christian, but was raised Christian and live in a traditionally Christian society, therefore it's actually a part of my culture as well as yours. Just because I choose not to believe doesn't mean I exit the whole culture.
  • No. Why would our bodies evolve that way? When protein was SOOOO hard to source during our hunter/gatherer days, why would your body just stop using it after 30g, and convert it to storage when calories for energy and protein for muscle building/repair/million other things were in short order?
  • My German Shepherd tries to help with pushups. Definitely adds to the challenge with a 40kg beast on my back :|
  • Means there and back again, so total.
  • I love Centr. Love it love it love it.
  • Eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water is great for general health, but has zero impact on fat unless unless you are also in a calorie deficit. Start tracking what you are eating. Weigh everything. Figure out what your caloric goal should be for weight loss, and eat that much. Also - I'm 43, and calorie deficit…
  • For myself, I'll be the first one to trip over myself, fall in to the zombies, and get "bit". Meal planning won't worry me anymore :D
  • Alternately, make yourself a meal plan and just repeat that week after week. You don't need to reinvent the wheel each week. That's pretty much how I roll as I do all cooking and meal planning for my family, so they all know Monday is fajita night, Tuesday is curry, Wednesday is roast chicken and roast veg etc etc. Makes…
  • I eat the same boring lunch 5 days a week. Just a big salad with mixed greens, carrot, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese, roasted chicken breast, lemon infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • Can you access the Centr app from the US? It's Chris Hemsworth's lifestyle/fitness app, and it does all that - gives you daily workouts as well as weekly meal plans complete with shopping list and recipes. I've tried a few of the recipes, as I tried them out during a 6 week free trial, and they were all delicious. Also -…
  • I think it depends massively on where you are in the world, and how prejudiced and/or parochial the people around you are. I grew up in Canada in a very progressive community, all of my friends and family are extremely open minded to all people, and racism of any kind has been looked down on since I was little. I as also…
  • I'm in the neither/both boat. Obviously initial attraction is based purely on looks, but this is attraction only - doesn't mean I want to forge a relationship with you, just that my chemicals are reacting. If I were then to speak to them and find they were completely unambitious, unintelligent and (likely to remain)…
  • I wouldn't be able to live on 1330, I would be starving also. What are your stats? You may be in an overly aggressive deficit. I'm currently losing on 1700, and am 5'4 and 138lb, for reference. It's slow going, but I'm in no great rush :)
  • I get really bloated as well, and have only ever managed it through fairly extreme changes to my diet, like cutting all gluten, dairy, carbs, things like that. Which are not things I care to do over the long term, so would rather be bloated and happy with a bowl of ice cream than unbloated (is that a word?) and feeling…
  • I don't consider them "cheat meals", but I do have a couple of meals during the week that I eat because they are delicious and I want them rather than that they are "healthy". If I want a huge, cheesy bowl of pasta for dinner, for example, I'll make sure breakfast and lunch are lighter, and have adequate protein. And I…
  • I'm the opposite, and I think it's because I fit the bulk of my calories in fairly early in the day so I'm just not that hungry at night. I've often had breakfast and lunch (and snacks!) before noon, and could honestly skip dinner most days as I've already eaten so much. Opposite tactic, I see, for the people above me, but…
  • Check out Bret Contreras on Instagram, He also has a couple of programs/books largely geared towards building the booty. Glute Lab is his most recent, but his older program, Strong Curves, has a tremendous following and many, many people have had great results. He also has a program called Booty by Bret if you want…