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  • Yeah, I love vinegar based dressings. ACV is also good with cooked greens and pork.
  • I'm similar, and yes I sometimes run after dark/before it's light. My worry about biking is being doored or hit by a car (on the streets, even in bike lanes in some areas) or hit by some idiot (on a really busy bike trail) or just not enjoying it when the crowds are overwhelming (same). I do it anyway, but those are…
  • If you want to try cutting carbs, why not try cutting them and take note of how it affects you? I found 100-120 g an easy way to eat when losing and didn't find any additional benefit to going lower (100-120 g would count as low carb), but some do. I didn't have appetite/craving issues, and I think low carb can be more…
  • Good advice.
  • Odd series of posts from which to conclude that people are defensive about sugar.
  • A little, but I don't like brownies that much. Chocolate and avocado do go great together.
  • No, because I was aware the 25 g rec was for added sugar, and I don't eat that much added sugar. I am unaware of any credible recommendation for limiting total sugar, so instead I focus on having enough protein, healthy fats, and fiber.
  • That seems like an enormous amount. Is it that food costs are much higher where you live, do you think? Or do you have a particularly pricey budget?
  • It's reasonably bike-friendly where I am, but the main reason I see is not feeling safe on the road or having a good place to ride and, yes, probably not feeling as comfortable riding alone in less populated areas/trails if they don't have someone to ride with. Probably also social/cultural issues like not feeling as…
  • Yeah, I'm just saying that if you compare healthy diets, a healthy or nutrition-focused moderate or high carb diet wouldn't crowd out veg with starchy or refined foods. But on the bigger point it seems we agree anyway. I think some use it that way, but mostly these days I see it used to mean diet without animal foods, but…
  • This is my suggestion too. Well, first, I'd talk to an RD, as others suggested. But beyond that, I'd write down everything you can eat, maybe in different categories: protein sources (the meat, plus whatever else, such as beans, eggs, dairy), starchy veg (potatoes, oats, etc.), non starchy veg (whatever you can eat,…
  • 100% this. I also found logging useful because I was able to see my diet overall, and I liked thinking of it as a way to make sure I was eating well, getting enough nutrients and a variety of foods, maybe comparing days regarding things like fiber, fat, protein to see what made a difference (and fruits and veg not only…
  • I agree with that -- have made the same argument myself! It just IS annoying when one flies. Flying was a better experience when it was more expensive and people flew more rarely, but for obvious reasons it's good for it to be cheaper and more available for everyone. Similar, perhaps, to how maybe (maybe, I'm not saying…
  • "Plant-based diet" to me is just a way of saying "vegan" that doesn't imply it's being done from ethical considerations or require no longer wearing leather. It doesn't even mean you are eating particularly healthfully, although it usually does tend to correlate with more of a focus on nutrition and health than merely…
  • There used to not be an option between first class (which was priced insanely differently) and coach, so it was all how early you made the reservation/luck, but now the airlines are reserving the bad seats for regular fare (or super extra crappy economy basic or whatever its called) and offering a variety of different…
  • Yes, I think that's true. Most people prioritize cheap seats above almost anything. I think the airlines aren't unreasonable to think that if, say, United had nicer seats but was uniformly more expensive than American, that American would be preferred on a head to head. I had a series of bad experiences with United, and…
  • Generally speaking I think air travel is a privilege and the market likely works to allocate what people actually care about most (cheaper fares), and the current model seems to be more options to pay more for better (more roomy) seats even beyond the old first class option. Complicating factor is that you have a very…