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  • When I want a smoothie, I use protein powder, spinach, and a fruit of some sort for some sweetness. Depending on what else I've had for the day, I will sometimes add some PB2, chia/flax seeds, and/or psyllium. These extras help me reach the macros I'm low on.
  • It just tells you, you've been working hard all week and the week before. I've had it happen too. Have you tried a trending app for your weight? The day to day fluctuations are less important than the overall trend.
  • Skin takes longer to catch up. Many people find that it can take up to two years for their saggy skin to tighten up. Some find it never does. Give it some time, have patience. You're doing great.
  • Your weight is a reflection of what you've been doing over time, not just the day before.
  • Jump in, no. Jump on, yes. Nothing gets done around here without competent dog supervision and a good face/hand licking whether it's needed of not.
  • Yes, you have to check each item that the recipe builder brings in. They seem to find the weirdest inaccurate entries. That being said, I don't necessarily blindly trust the calories given by recipe creators either. I usually just enter everything manually.
  • That was my understanding too, that employers wanted to be able to open and basically force people to work without worrying about any liability when/if they get sick.
  • Yay! Just make sure you're still getting enough calories. I'm glad you feel fuller.
  • My first impression is that I'm seeing a lot of cups, tbsp, pieces, etc. These are much less accurate than using a food scale to weigh your servings. There can be a big margin of error for logging in that way. My guess would be that you are eating more than you actually realize, which is why you stopped losing weight when…
  • In chitchat and fun&games, yes. I don't know that there are many people following that diet, to be honest. Did you try searching for other threads? If my memory serves me correctly, I think I've only seen a handful of threads on this diet over the time I've been here. The responses in those threads were... interesting.
  • Not sure about the relation to a specialized diet, but with snoring often a sign of sleep apnea, if it's left untreated, the exhaustion can influence both decision making and hormone levels.
  • Garlic can also thin the blood, which is an important consideration for some people. Several good things about it here:
  • With an overnight change, I'd be questioning the possibility of something else going on, like a UTI.
  • You might need to adjust things a few times before you get it just right, but keep playing with it. You'll get there, as long as you don't give up!
  • Definitely! It's worth looking at things from different angles to pick apart what might work.
  • I wouldn't worry about the inches too much at this point. It's very easy to get a slightly different position on the tape, leading to inaccuracies. How many calories are you eating? How much sodium are you getting? Is the walking new?
  • For protein, I usually have meats, dairy products, eggs, egg whites, and protein powder (when needed - lately it's more needed than usual, because I'm trying to get by on limited grocery trips). I have been more carb heavy lately myself, with everything going on, I've been baking my own buns, tortilla wraps, and biscuits,…
  • Eating less will often trigger hunger signals. I find that last about a week. 1520 isn't too bad though. Maybe increase that for a couple days and then slowly cut back. I find that getting enough protein, fat, and fibre makes a big difference in how hungry I feel. Maybe look at what you are eating and see if you can make…
  • Not sure about the US, but in Canada, you don't have to have a membership. Someone bought me a cash card some time ago and I finally used it a couple weeks ago. I had to go to the desk and get a day pass. I exceeded the cash card value by $75. They were fine with that as long as I paid by debit, they wouldn't accept credit…