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  • I personally used mission low carb tortillas and Schmidt 647 bread. Does it kick you out of ketosis? I don't know. Even if it did, then it would only be for a short period of time. The second thing to consider, is there a need for you to stay in ketosis at all times? Fat losses about calories not about being the ketosis at…
  • Congrats on finding a diet that you could like. Personally, I do not do well with IF. I find it just makes me hungrier when it is time to eat. Which is why I never do it anymore. I would end up just adding more calories dear my feeding window and end up overeating.
  • I think it largely comes down to goals. Obviously, the bare minimum is better than nothing but if there is a goal of muscle gain (not just sustaining strength), then increasing training frequency would be beneficial. But I do think that there are people who need exercise breaks, and reducing volume will be beneficial,…
  • Congrats man. Keep it up
  • While more is needed in terms of research, I'd argue that humans have thrived in a variety of environments. I generally have fairly low veggie consumption. But i do eat a good amount of fruit, seeds and nuts. Overall, your weight, exercise and genetics will likely have a greater impact as compared to whether or not you…
  • If you are going to make that argument, you could say the same about those who follow plant based or keto. Both eliminate a bunch of nutrient dense foods. And in some cases, foods of higher quality (i.e., proteins). Arguably, it's easy to get all nutrition even when eliminating a food group.
  • No specific food group will drive optimal health. Just like having donuts won't make you unhealthy. Its a multifactorial issue that encompasses a lot of factors. Vegetables can support health and provide volume in your diet. But you can certainly get all the nutrients from veggies in other forms. /Thread.
  • FYI, collagen protein is not a good source of protein. At least from supporting muscle mass.
  • You can do more Mediterranean keto or low carb. Below should help. Overall, more seafood, lean meats, seeds, nuts, some eggs, veggies and low gi fruit. Occasional red meat and dairy.
  • That isn't too bad. 107g is probably a good target to work towards.
  • What did your protein come out as?
  • So you have amazing HDL and triglycerides. You could be a hyper responder for increase fats. I'd look into trying to replace SFA with MUFA and PUFA (non omega 6). Adding things like avocado, chia seeds, nuts (macadamia and walnuts particularly), replace fatty meats with lean meats, cook in avocado oil (evoo sucks for…
  • Looks like a pretty good protein. If you want a buffer, do 1.5 scoops per serving. Plant based proteins aren't very high quality, so the additional would act as a good buffer.
  • Absolutely. I eat raspberries and blackberries daily.
  • There are several meta analysis that support that fruits/veggies improve health. The most recent suggest that a diet highest in lean meat proteins and vegetables/fruit is healthier than other diets. It doesn't suggest that you cant be healthy outside of that, but from a general populous standpoint, those who eat the fewest…
  • When your 3 year old wants steak, you make steak!
  • Definitely recommend tracking calories for a few weeks to understand where you normally fall for nutrients. Keep in mind fat and proteins are essential nutrients. So you might need to start planning your days around protein/fat sources. Things like tofu, seitan, and soy are better sources. Also, what kind of protein powder…
  • Yea, i have been super hesitant for years. Overall, his advice is solid but it's more directed at athletes as compared to powerlifters/bodybuilders. Tomorrow is the last day of the first week and even at the middle difficulty, its exhausting. I plan to run the programming for at least 6 months. ETA: great progress.
  • Small update. While i have been consistent with my training (5-6 days/wk), i haven't been following anything structured due to my back issues. At the beginning of the week, i decided to try the AthleanX BEAXST program as i know he works a lot of corrective movements into his protocol. Its a 3 day full body split with two…
  • 4 oz Almond or other nut milk ½ Cup or 85g of Greek Yogurt 1 scoop of protein powder (PEScience is my favorites) - optional 2 tbsp or 30g chia seeds 2 tbsp sweetener 1 tsp vanilla extract or unsweetened cocoa powder (if you want chocolate) You can add 2 tbsp PB2 and 1 tbsp natural peanut butter (natural mixes better) for…
  • Your body can uptake and metabolize whatever protein you eat but from a muscle protein synthesis (MPS) standpoint, it will max out around 25-40g. This depends on the protein source. There is some evidence that spreading protein 3-4x/day is more beneficial than 1-2 meals but its not a hugely different. MPS is the driver for…
  • Would you like one with or without the use of protein powder?
  • I would agree with a recomp. So eat around maintenance, around 100-120g protein and follow a structured lifting routine. And most importantly, have patience
  • This. Also OP, how many grams protein are you consuming? And what are your sources? Hair loss, brittle nails, unhealthy skin, etc.. are signs of protein deficiency (something a lot of doctors dont think of). Given that plant based sources of protein are not very high quality, you potentially need to increase it a lot. At…
  • Like others say, the protein recommendation are based on lbm. And the more obese you are, the lower they can be since you have adequate fat mass to fuel your body. Lean people are generally those who need more protein since it's harder to maintain muscle mass. Most importantly, your workout should be the primary thing to…