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  • I didn’t even think of that, probably have to skip next week since assuming no access to a scale at the hotel. Thanks!
  • 9/24 9,600 9/25 5,462 Friday I was completely beat after work so just relaxed when my husband took the kids to the high school football game. My body was so sore after not being used to sitting in front of a computer all week. Yesterday I slept in and got 9 hours sleep. I ran errands went to my sons soccer and flag…
  • Steps 9/22 8202 9/23 9199 Hectic couple of days haven’t got a real workout in since Monday and mostly out of food. Last night had to go to a friends mom’s wake.
  • I phone is also just renpho
  • PW: 185.8 CW: 183.4 Finally back to pre vacation weight, took 3 weeks! 😮. Another busy day yesterday squeezed in a walk at the end of the day. I did fully track my food but did until after lunch. Definitely trying to be mindful. Going to try to work out today but I have a ton of cleaning that also needs to get done so we…
  • Steps 9,793 Not too bad for steps considering I am back to a desk job. Crazy day with over 4 hours of zoom meetings but squeezed in the new dancing workout with my daughter. Felt good to move. My neck and si joint were sore since my body is not used to being in front of the computer all day anymore. Iced my neck and foam…
  • Steps 9,854 I Finnish 9 week control freak. My daughter wants to try a dancing one called get up with me but she won’t do it often enough so I think I will do another in between. There is another version of control freak called off the wall that I may tried since I am enjoying this trainer. Yesterday went to a friends…
  • Steps 9/17 16,654 9/18 16,964 Friday ran around doing some shopping to find my son pants. Saturday we had a fun family day and went to a Red Sox game. I did strength workouts on both days so I can finnish the program today as I have targeted. Trying not to blow my work this week I’ve the weekend.
  • Steps 5,431 Calories tracked ✅ Fitbit died again definitely a theme :( I tracked all calories but did go over. I ran errands all day and got a facial. Rest day for workouts.
  • So sorry you are having to go through this. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  • Steps 16,394 Calories tracked ✅ Down another 1.2 from yesterday after just 3 days of dialing in my calories. Getting back to the weight I was hovering will help with my confident meeting people at the new job on zoom and in person in October. Then I can working on losing again with developing a new routine. Yesterday I…
  • PW: 186.4 CW: 185.8 Steps 7011 Tracked everything yesterday. Finally down a bit hmmmm guess it actually works when you track. What do ya know!?!?! Low steps again due to fitbit battery dying , basically every other day this is happening. They just announced the Apple Watch 7 so hoping prices come down in the others soon.…
  • Sorry if I missed 6,900
  • Steps 18,857 Got a 3.25 mile walk in with a friend. Pretty quiet day and tracked all food. Feeling so gross lately and need to get it back under control
  • Steps 9/9 9,673 9/11 12,122 Yesterday was a strength day. Got to watch my son play soccer for first game of the season.
  • Steps 21,450 Met a friend for a walk and coffee. I have done so well this week with alternating my walking days every other day with my strength workouts. I wish I could say I have done as well with my nutrition. I just can’t seem to get in a good groove and it shows on the scale.
  • Steps 21,803 Got in a long walk almost 6 miles, 3/4 of it on the beach then went food shopping. I am sick of food shopping, I would like to do the grocery pick up service more but when I did they were always messing up my order or got stuck waiting in the car way too long. My afternoon got away from me ended up making…
  • Steps 11,841 PW: 183.4 CW:186.4 Not happy I am still up so much after vacation. I have been getting my steps in but eating definitely hasn’t been on point. Completed day 2 week 8 of beach body control freak and spent a nice day with my mom at the beach. Trying to soak up the last days of summer.
  • Steps 11,539 Had a low key family day yesterday. Attempted to Play pickle ball with the kids. My daughter kept us laughing through this. Grabbed sandwiches and ate by the water. My sandwich was huge so I ate half and brought the rest home. I am still deflating from vacation, yes I have been back a week. Still 2 lbs up as…
  • Steps 4,527 Fitbit dead again half the day. Did my strength workout day 1 week 8 of beachbody control freak. Had dinner with friends and ate pasta with a cream sauce which I never do and paid for it after. Lesson learned!
  • Steps 13,435 Got in a beach day probably the last with kids sports starting up soon. It was a perfect day with friends. I hate when summer comes to an end even though I like fall. Highest step week since the beginning of August but only did two strength training days. Need to use my time more wisely I think.
  • Steps 9/2 14,849 9/3 9,123 Thursday had a lazy day but did get my butt moving in the afternoon to do some cleaning and for a walk. Yesterday did my strength workout. Finished week 7 of my 9 week program.
  • Steps 16,814 Started off my day with a walk with a friend after getting the kids on the bus before the rain came. Their busses are an hour apart so still working out the new routine. I am tired not used to getting up this early but at least it’s a short week with Friday and Monday off. Hopefully I am more productive the…
  • Steps 13,610 First strength workout out since being home from vacation. Also got a neighborhood walk with my friend. Day flew by with kids in school. I went to test drive a new car, it’s time for an upgrade. @lindamtuck2018 is it ok if I skip weigh in again this week and start next Wednesday?
  • Steps 8/29 19,737 8/30 8,877 Sunday took a long walk and yesterday spent the day doing last minute errands before school started today and visited my parents.
  • @jimboden3 I love that you have hit all 50 states with you family. I want to try this!!!
  • Just back from vacation and it was so great to relax and see family. I also received a job offer. I am so looking forward to finalizing that on Monday. My husband starts his new job Monday as well. Time to get our lives back on track after a long diversion for so many but specifically my beloved travel industry. This also…
  • Steps 8/19 9,106 8/20 12,111 I have been stressed out for the last couple of days trying to figure out if this vacation would happens since the hurricane/tropical storm was headed out way when my daughter and I are supposed to fly out in the am. Luckily it has changed paths slightly so we should be good and I won’t have to…
  • Steps 10,323 Hubby and I are still negative. I am going to fly with my daughter Sunday and my son and husband wednesday. @lindamtuck2018 can I please be excuse from weigh in next two weeks pls for vacation.