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  • Well....there's fear and then there's prudence. I find some people confuse the two.
  • Italy here. We have been able to go maskless out in the open for over a month. Masks are still required indoors or until you reach your table in a restaurant where you can then take it off. Tables are still distanced. However, our COVID numbers are climbing. Mostly because the younger population exploded once warm weather…
  • If you want you can eat what you like--just a lower calorie version. You can google almost anything recipe wise. It's important to stay within your daily calorie goal. Get a digital food scale and start weighing and measuring everything you eat and drink. You'll find sauces and condiments are calorie dense and should be…
  • Ha,ha,.... I'd invite you to my beach and then see what your comment would be. I can only comment on what I see in Italy, since I don't go to beaches in the US or Mexico. Great bods here.
  • No, not in the way you're saying. If you "star" the thread you'll save it, but will have to go back through the entire thread to find your "likes". Or, if you reply on the thread, it will be saved in your "replies", but then again, you'll have to wade through a lot of stuff. Maybe someone else knows how you can save posts.…
  • Agree with @sijomial. You need to think about where you'd like to be. You are not in a bad place now, but if you'd like more muscle you need a program. There are many on here that can give you good advice. Good luck and welcome.
  • SURE----all likes, disagrees, insightfuls, and hugs are counted. Go to the upper right on this screen. See the bell? Click on the bell, then click on "all notifications". That will open the page with all the info. Enjoy!
  • I live in Italy where the majority are at a healthy weight. I see very few obese and they tend to stand out. Also the Italians don't cater to obesity. I's harder to find clothes in a larger size (I'm tall and have this problem without being overweight), and they don't make larger chairs for theaters, cinema, airplanes,…
  • I don't like beer, so it wouldn't motivate me. Now pizza--that would motivate me.
  • You can eat what you want as long as it's within your daily calorie goal. I have no idea how much "Jane Plan" meals cost, but bet I can make my own for less. If you can afford it and don't know how to cook, then it's right for you.
  • Great! You hardly look like the same person. Keep up the good work.
  • All I know is that as you get older it takes a little longer for your brain to pick up the cue and then move your body. I've been doing acquagym for 25 yrs with various instructors. They are all different and have us do different things. I like it because the cues make your brain work. My class this morning was short…
  • Fantastic! You look like you lost years along with the pounds.
  • Yes---this, except that I'm very tall. I have difficulty hearing the instructor in my yoga class, so need to be close enough, however, if he's got music too loud I can't hear the cues. Our yoga class is the same--mats all over and nobody moves an inch. I get there early.
  • I'd ask niner if these were older women. As an older woman, yes, I've seen it amongst my group and I think it has to do with anxiety. I've noticed with myself that I tend to function on "habit" much more than before because it keeps me on track. I tend to use the same space in the locker room too, and if someone gets to it…
  • We both got "disagrees". Ha---I actually loved the "good old days" on here. It was way more interesting, and people were uncovered lying because when things heated up they slipped. The forums were totally different. But, as said, the owners decided to protect the sensitive, and it's still not enough for some. But---anyone…
  • Nope--you're wrong. The disagree feature is fairly new. I've been here 8 years and people didn't hold back. There were pages of arguing and escalation and rage quits. Things are tame now. People have no qualms about ripping you apart in public. There are more stones out there than you think.
  • Right here is your big mistake. Your deficit is too large. You should not be going below 1200 cal a day for good health and to get all your nutrients in. Also you will LOSE muscle instead of building it. At that deficit your body will consume the muscle you have along with the fat. You also risk brittle nails, hair loss,…
  • I started taking collagen + C tablets over 2 years ago. I'm 66 with AO and pain moving in the morning. I took it as an experiment because my nails were breaking off. After 2 years of 1 tablet a day my nails are much better and my hair is thicker--so much so that my hairdresser commented on it. As for my joints, hard to…
  • If you're not worried that you might drown, you could try swimming. I'm 66 with OA and that's what I've been doing for years. I had frozen shoulder 5 years ago, but while recuperating, I still hit the pool and did leg work. There are lots of older folks at the pool. It's an exercise you can do as you age, and some of them…
  • Aw, I hate to see you slip back. You've done so well. I agree with @springlering62 , take a break and eat at maintenance for as long as it takes. I, myself, have an eternal 25 lbs to lose. Log for a short while to make sure you're maintaining and then just weigh once a week. Give yourself a range that you won't go beyond.…
  • Most people just start when they're ready. You may not be--yet. Some get a severe health scare and then knuckle down. If you are having trouble starting to log, then check out "the most useful posts". Get a digital food scale and start. Your food diary can be private so no one needs to know that you're over your limit. If…
  • OP I would just like to add that YOU CAN LOSE THE WEIGHT. We've had several posters in wheelchairs that have lost over 100 lbs. They improved their health tremendously. You can too. Get on internet and research a low salt diet. That should give you some ideas of how to season your food. Just never give up and keep going.…