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  • (((Sue))) Betsy in NW WA
  • Got back to NW Washington from my summer in Alaska. I'll be catching up for awhile as I read posts. Carol,I laughed when I read about your husband wanting a food saver etc. Not really funny but I came home and found out my DH had bought 25lbs of pinto beans, 2 ten pound bags of rice, 25lb bags of sugar, flour and oatmeal.…
  • Barbie, thank you for the new Month. Amazing, we are already into the 5th month of the this new year. my sister is here in Washington to have cyberknife radiation treatments ... She had her first of five done yesterday and will have the rest on Monday, Wednesday Friday and the last one on Monday May 10. We hope to be able…
  • Katla... so nice to have visits with family. and friends...electronically or in person. Like you, I am so glad I am fully vaccinated. Today I went to meet with two women I haven't seen since the lockdown. We met outside in a park with our own camping chairs and brought our own cups of coffee. the three of us talked non…
  • Heather... Love your wood floors... I love wood and would like to remove our carpets and have wood flooring put in. We have 25 year old wood flooring in the kitchen and dining room and it is still really lovely. Someday I might figure out what it would cost to put wood flooring in the rest of the house.... or maybe leave…
  • Thank you so much everyone for the kind thoughts. Thinking of Allie today... heart goes out to you. Machka... yes indeed, we have to live the hand we are dealt, I would hang that plaque in my office. :-) Another beautiful day here, with sunshine and birds singing and frogs croaking. Betsy in NW Washington
  • Just hanging out and spending most of the time on my left side. Have had two followup appointments since my surgery for detached retina. Next followup appointment is on Tuesday. The past three days I can take short breaks sitting up and walking slowly and stretching. Pain lasted only for the first three days and drainage…
  • Last Tuesday evening I kept thinking my glasses were smudged. But washing the glasses didn't help. The next morning I had my routine 6 month eye checkup and the doctor right away told me I had a detached retina and several tears. He said it was too technical an operation for him to do but he got me into an eye surgeon who…
  • :) betsy in nw wa
  • Thank you Barbie. Welcome to April.... Betsy in NW WA
  • CJ... good to see you back. Karen... Absolutely loved the "soap operas and Greek Tragedies..... Oh how true, and it is okay, we are who we are because of where we've been and in this group, that is okay. My sister will be coming to stay with us. Her last scan showed brain tumors are shrinking but the right hilar node was…
  • Happy Birthday, Barbie.... hope this birthday and the next year are filled with good times and good health. Betsy In NW WA
  • :) Betsy in NW WA
  • Pip... love your Meer Kat! Beautiful! Betsy in NW WA
  • <3 Betsy in NW WA
  • :# Up since 3AM, just can't turn off my brain today. It is better to get up and move around than stay in bed trying to sleep. Think this will be a low key day for me. Friday already and looking toward a wet weekend if the weather forecast is correct. Betsy in NW WA
  • Barbara... Happy Birthday and sounds like it was a nice day. Thanks for the thoughts on ways my DH could warm up. We tried several things but the chills seem more internal than not. So the warm wraps and electric blanket bring very fleeting comfort. Vicki... Happy Birthday to you. Viv.... Yes, I have gotten some odd friend…
  • Beth, You are in my heart and my prayers. Words just can't express what I want to convey. Life is so hard at times. Betsy in NW WA
  • Tracey... Prayers and thoughts for you and Dillion's family. Allie..... So good to read your posts and sounds like you are getting stronger. Debbie.... aww really feeling for you losing your fur baby. It is so hard. Betsy in NW WA
  • Allie... Rest and more rest. Hugs to you Rori... great to hear from you. M from Oz this challenge is hard. You can see I have to use some of my gray matter to come up with the activity of the day. 1. Aerobic zoom class 2. Bird Watching along the Bike Trail 3. Calisthenics workout 4. Dog walking with neighbor 5. Ebike…
  • Thanks Barbie for the new month. Machka, I like your February challenge. I will give it a try and I'll have to be creative because we live in the country and not near businesses and roads. It will be fun. Happy February everyone.... Betsy in NW WA
  • Lisa ... and Heather... Just some thoughts on communication and how people get their needs met. I was born and raised in a small village in Alaska. Everyone from our area talks and responds slowly. Growing up it was a sign of respect to listen and and reflect and then respond. Now that I live in the outside world, I notice…
  • Kelly.... Hugs and Prayers. Wow on the response from Lauren's employer! Lisa.... A year and a half is way too long to not have answers and to have the issues. Hope you are successful in getting specialists who find the solutions. Katla.... Glasses finally and paying off your car... Barbie... you are so talented... a new…
  • Teresa... Wow, that view from your back porch. Just gorgeous! Betsy in NW WA
  • Lisa…. Thank you. Yum pinion nuts… The chicken quesadilla is my drive through choice at Taco Bell. Good luck with your Chicken Cordon Blue lasagna. I love swiss cheese. Tracey…. Prayers for Dillion and your cousin. Wonderful she confided in you. Wow on the dishwasher and wonderful kindness from your coworkers. Says lots…
  • Reading along and will write soon. Dealing with struggles... Katla.... I think you have been so patient waiting for your glasses. I'd be a mess if I were without my glasses this long. My old glasses are scratched and outdated prescription. Hope you get them very soon. Kaylia... Love your bathroom pictures and the soft spot…
  • Thank you for the anniversary wishes and for the thoughts on getting my vaccination even when my DH decided not to come along and get his. I am so happy to have my first dose...actually beyond happy. Have walked around smiling ever since. Hope everyone who wants a vaccine gets one soon. Favorite exercise Walking, Yoga and…
  • Allie. Hugs and healing thoughts going your way. I'm so glad you don't have to have a double organ transplant. Hope the doctors figure things out and you are home soon. Barbie. Got my first dose of the Covid vaccination yesterday. Friday evening, my husband changed his mind and decided not to accompany me thru the drive…
  • Debbie so sorry ... thinking of you... How awful for you and your family. Allie, hugs and healing thoughts. ((Meg)) Katla, hope you are healing and hope your new glasses will give you a boost. Isn't it wild how our lives change in just moments? More thoughts later..d Betsy hunkered down in NW Washington
  • Happy Birthday, Debby! Hope it is a wonderful day and a wonderful year. Betsy in NW WA