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lestat79lestat79 Member Messages: 1 Member Messages: 1
bonjour ! j'aimerais savoir comment changer le poids d'une portions si celle-ci n'est ni de 1g, 100g ou 1000g ? comment je fais si par exemple je mange 1 portion de fruits secs de 50g ? merci.


  • PandorianPandorian MFP Moderator Messages: 1 MFP Moderator Messages: 1
    You posted on the english tech support forum rather than the French one... as such

    Your post was translated as
    Hello! j 'would like to know how to change the weight d' a portions if only ' is not 1 g, 100g or 1000g? How do I if for example I eat 1 portion of dried fruit of 50g? Thank you. (English)

    So.. to log a 50 gram serving of dried fruit you log 50 "servings" of 1 gram if it's available as a serving size.. or if the serving size listed is 100 grams you had 0.5 servings (1/2 in decimal form) ... 0.05 if the serving is 1000g and you had 50 grams.

    and the probably butchered translation of my post into french gives

    pour vous connecter à une portion de 50 grammes de fruits secs, vous vous connectez "servings 50" un gramme si it est disponible comme une portion... ou si la taille de la portion affichée est 100 grammes vous aviez 0,5 portions (1/2 sous forme décimale) (French)
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