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  • I wanted to know what weight everyone lifts? For example I do 3 x 10-12 bench press with dumbbells 10kg each. Side lat raise is 3 x 8-10 4kg each. Shoulder press 3 x 8 9kg each. Just wanting to know if this is about the same for everyone, light or heavy. I’ve been on a programme for 2 months now, doing 4-5 30min sessions a…
  • Thanks @sardelsa yeah, I’m a female, and get told most days I’m too skinny/thin blah blah blah, mostly by office people who don’t exercise much, and never compete at running. I’m still a wee bit larger than the girls that beat me. @GaryRuns I have scales at home and my gym has more techie ones with handle things and they…
  • Ok, thanks guys. I wasn’t sure whether to put my goal to maintain or lose weight as I have the exercise calories given back to me, and sometimes it has gone up to over 2000 calories after a long run. If I change the macro split for my exercise calories to a 50/50 for carbs and fats, that would maintain my 135g protein per…
  • First weeks progress due soon...I’ve worked hard on diet and training so looking forward to seeing where I am tomorrow.
  • Thanks. Well, I’ll see where the extra weight training takes me. Mainly I want to lose BF, so if I can do that, I’m thinking my muscle definition will show more as a result. I’m going for this look to be honest 😊
  • Hi everyone, this is my first post, and I have no idea about how to friend people. I’ve just started lifting seriously. I’m a runner mainly, and generally do circuits or body weight exercises as DOMS effects my running. I’ve decided I want to cut and increase my muscle percentage. Can I ask if anyone uses scales that give…