Where in Northern Utah ?

Well Northern Utah is usually pretty vague.... Maybe we can find friends that leave nearby to exercise with or to provide local support.

I am in Logan


  • ShanR77
    ShanR77 Posts: 287 Member
    Hello. I'm located in Ogden and have just started this sight.
  • stephaneb74
    stephaneb74 Posts: 151
    cool, this is a great website tool
    good luck on your journey
  • jxh1331
    jxh1331 Posts: 3
    I'm in Cache Valley.. ^.^
  • Brigham City here!
  • valeriehope
    valeriehope Posts: 19
    Davis County!
  • Minkime
    Minkime Posts: 41
    North Ogden!
  • Yiya1979
    Yiya1979 Posts: 1
    Hey ALL Utahns...

    I grew up in Davis County BUT live in SL area...is there anyone near?
  • briebear77
    briebear77 Posts: 253 Member
    O-Town! If anybody wants to get together I am so up for it!
  • stephaneb74
    stephaneb74 Posts: 151
    Logan for a couple more month... ;)
    I love Utah and I am going to miss it a lot lol who knew ?
  • stephaneb74
    stephaneb74 Posts: 151
    Best place in the world ;)
    I'm in Cache Valley.. ^.^
  • Djkaya29
    Djkaya29 Posts: 21 Member
    I am in Garland and would love finding someone to walk with
  • kaylyngt
    kaylyngt Posts: 53
    I grew up in North Logan, so I love Cache Valley! But, I'm in Farr West now, just north and west of Ogden.
  • Jpretzel
    Jpretzel Posts: 8
    I'm from indiana but I'm in ogden for school.
  • imacraven
    imacraven Posts: 1 Member
    I am from Roy, Utah (West of Ogden) Just started myfitnesspal. I was just laid off from my job until I can lose 50 lbs.
  • elmogirl316
    elmogirl316 Posts: 20 Member
    I am in Murray and at the U of U during the day. What area do you live?

    Is it ok that I am not from Northern Utah?
  • Letty_c
    Letty_c Posts: 278 Member
    I'm in Logan right now and cant wait to get out..... :p ive decided you have to have grown up here or be the right kind of person to fit it.
  • babybanks23
    babybanks23 Posts: 6 Member
    Cache Valley! It's really grown on me. :smile:
  • If anyone in Ogden wants to exercise at 5:30am Let me know.
  • Abubs
    Abubs Posts: 1 Member
    I am in South Ogden. Would be great to meet some new people :)
  • mtnbiker62
    mtnbiker62 Posts: 33 Member
    Tremonton here...