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  • This group was created for all THES Staff to communicate and support each other during the biggest loser challenge.
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  • I'm thinking we can share our food diaries here.
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  • Anyone here from Abu Dhabi and struggling with binge eating, please join so we can support each other/meet up/exercise together !
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  • Work friends keeping each other accountable!
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  • Our group for the weight loss/ fitness challenge! Dates: 8/19 -11/21 final weigh in Let’s get fit together!!! (So we can eat all the turkey, gravy,…
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  • Group is for members in the September challenge a way to check in share ideas and struggles!!!
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  • BraesBaes motivational group!
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  • My friends here know that I've had to leave the MFP site as a public member because of harassment from a creeper. I've received a lot of messages an…
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