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Couch to 5K Running Program (C25K)

A place top discuss the Couch to 5K running program. MFP's first and largest C25K community! We are open to any and all C25K programs that you may be using.
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    I have been struggling with Shin Splints and remembered a blog I read here. Great information for a…
    Announcement 16 views 2 replies Most recent by degan2011
  • Podcast and App Reviews
    Feel free to post your reviews of different C25K apps and podcasts. We'll make this sticky, so that…
    Announcement 2.4K views 117 replies Most recent by degan2011
  • Tools of the trade
    Do you have a piece of gear that you can't run without and want to recommend it? Post it here. Th…
    Announcement 1.3K views 57 replies Most recent by degan2011
  • Graduation Announcements!
    How about a topic for everyone to post graduation announcements? I know I'd like a place to share m…
    Announcement 2.2K views 682 replies Most recent by degan2011
  • Seeking New Group Leaders
    Hi! I am our community manager for MyFitnessPal and notice this group doesn't have currently active…
    Announcement 14 views 0 replies Started by Alex
  • What to do BEFORE you start!
    Hey everyone, It is your wonderful, poster posting, information sharing running friend Becky, back…
    Announcement 7.1K views 196 replies Most recent by ladyzherra
  • Web Sites and Blogs
    Any favorite C25K (or other running-related) sites (including blogs) that the rest of the group may…
    Announcement 522 views 30 replies Most recent by TheMrWobbly
  • Tips & Tricks
    Is there something that you wish you had known when you started the program? Share your tips and tr…
    Announcement 7.1K views 225 replies Most recent by TheMrWobbly
  • Running Injuries
    Time to post a new thread. Each week I will be posting a new running injury post on this thread. …
    Announcement 1.6K views 55 replies Most recent by TheMrWobbly
  • You have finished C25K, now what?
    As that graduation dates draws closer, and you put more and more miles upon your feet, you start to…
    Announcement 2.9K views 72 replies Most recent by zorbaru

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