Restarting (again) - Tips?

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I've just started running & using the program again for what feels like the 17th time - hoping to actually complete it this time! I've noticed this time my legs feel like dead weight/ needing more circulation! I run or walk at least once every day, but I live a pretty sedentary work life on the regular. I assume since the only time I'm REALLY using my legs, aside from walking around the house lol, is for 30 minutes of running. I'm all good with my doctors, so I think it's just from the quick overuse to no use problem. I drink tons of water, stretch before & after running & have recently started trying to stand for at least a couple of days while working. Any tips???



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    I don’t have any tips for you alyc because I’m new to this but I wanted to say, You got this alyc!