Where are you sore? And weights question!

The top of my legs are by far the most sore...how about you girls?

I don't have hand weights so I'm just using cans for now. Probably less than 2 lbs...but it's something. What are you girls using?


  • jezy_jass
    jezy_jass Posts: 328 Member
    So funny. for the past couple of days I too have been using cans. Mine are just under 3 lbs, but I figure it si better than nothing. And yes, my legs and butt are by far the most sore so far.

    Keep it up fellow shredders! We can do it!!
  • kenazfehu
    kenazfehu Posts: 1,188 Member
    Fronts of shoulders and upper arms, also just below the ribcage.
  • Legs, hips and lower back.
  • healthyversionofme
    healthyversionofme Posts: 111 Member
    upper back and shoulders...ehhh...hoping day two takes out some of the kinks!
  • letobot
    letobot Posts: 205
    pec area/shoulders are sore.....i'm using 5 and 8 lb weights depending on the exercise
  • Only Day 3 for me. My arms and shoulders really feel owie. My upperbody strength is so pitiful that I can barely do a pushup. Day 1 I counted it if I could get the girls off of the floor!

    I am using 2 lb weights, but hope to upgrade when I stop feeling like I want to die/hurl/pass out during curcuit 2. I will say that I definitely notice an improvement even during a short period of time. The most glaring is the fact that I can cheat less during the workout and that my knees feel stronger. I will persevere!
  • Cathyes24
    Cathyes24 Posts: 83 Member
    Arms & Thighs :-D are super Sore!!

    I'm using 3lb Weights
  • shrinking_me
    shrinking_me Posts: 207 Member
    I was using cans too until yesterday . . I got some 3lb (1.3kg) hand weights and boy did I notice a difference!

    My sorest part by far as of yesterday is my lower abs . . . had me doubled over yesterday with the pain. My old gym instructor told me I'd discovered my core LOL!!!

    Hopefully that means I'll shift a bit of my tummy flab!!!
  • neasy23
    neasy23 Posts: 47
    LOL... I guess my arms aren't as sore b/c I'm doing sissy can weights!! I'll have to get some real weights to feel the pain some more. I really need to tighten up my arms so this will be good...can't stand that flab!
  • Ultrawomanll
    Ultrawomanll Posts: 18 Member
    my legs felt it almost immediatly. After doing the workout yesterday I walked downstairs to my living room and going down the steps my legs felt like iron. LOL feeling it today too.
  • Definitely my legs. I can feel it most when I go up the stairs.
    I'm also a can user so maybe when I get the 3lb weights I ordered things will be different.
  • RMLMoore
    RMLMoore Posts: 130 Member
    Inner thighs (hate that side lunge but apparently need it). I am using 5 lbs but am thinking abut going up to 8 on some exercises.
  • pattiFM
    pattiFM Posts: 45 Member
    I'm using 3lb weights and so far they're perfect on everything except the chest flies.. I feel like I'm cheating or something because they're too easy. lol

    And I get pretty sore all over, but mostly it's my quads from all those squats. The first couple days, it was my chest/shoulders.. probably from my pathetic attempts at modifed push ups ;) It's getting easier though!