Stroller walks with 2 month old?

I've been taking my daughter, 11 weeks today, for early morning and late evening walks in her stroller for 2 weeks now. I bundle her up when it's cold out (under 75 is considered cold here!) in a hat, mittens, and socks under a fleece sleeper. I check on her and feel her face often, and she seems to enjoy it a lot (and I've lost 4lbs!) I recently told a few friends about it and mentioned it on another forum and basically got chewed out by every single person. Everyone I talked to said "she's too young for that, you need to be wearing her until 3 months" Well, she HATES the Ergo, we can't afford another sling (mine's too small for my shoulders) and my orthopedist wouldn't be too happy with my adding another 14lbs to my already obese body which is awful on my knees. She's got a head supporter and her ped. says it should be fine if she doesn't get too hot or too cold and her head doesn't flop around. I can't be the only one who takes stroller walks with an almost 3 month old, can I?

Also, anyone incorporate their kiddos into their workout routines? I try to do 50 car seat curls a day, which she totally gets a kick out of, and I baby bench press, counting every time and giving her the corresponding number of kisses when she comes down.


  • DorkothyParker
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    Obviously, baby wearing has many advantages and is great for bonding. But surely you can't be expected to wear her at every outing?!? So long as she meets size/safety guidelines for the stroller, I fail to see any problem.

    Baby wearing is so "new", I don't see how it would be required that a baby be 3 months to go in a stroller...

    My baby is too small to really work out with her (26 days old). But she gets great workouts with her tummy time. I swear, at this rate, I'll have her squatting the bar by the time she is 5!
  • graycalico
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    I took mine out for walks at that age. It's not like you have her in the stroller all day. She would let you know if she didn't like it. My son is 13 months old now and stroller walks are his favorite thing. He loves his Becco carrier too. Maybe your friends are picturing you off roading on bumpy dirt trails or something. LOL
  • Hearndt
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    Do you have a travel system where the car seat snaps into the stroller? If so I would definitely tell people to get over it! If not, ehhh I would probably still tell them to take a hike! (Pardon the pun). It's not going to hurt the baby, people are quick to tell others what to do.
  • kylieeduh09
    There is nothing wrong with taking your baby for a walk in the stroller... do what you do, mama!
  • DawnieB1977
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    Both of mine were out in their pram from a few days old! I didn't even buy a sling for my son (my 1st). We have an icandy apple which has a proper carry cot attachment, so he was pretty happy in that. I bought a Connecta for my daughter, but as my son was only 22 months at the time, and we walk everywhere, I didn't feel safe 'wearing' my daughter if I had to chase after my son, which was pretty often.

    So long as your daughter is safe in the stroller, I don't see the issue. People need to mind their own business.
  • StephFork
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    My son is 10 weeks old and I've been taking him for walks for over a month now and just this week started running too. He loves it and I never thought of it as a bad thing. I think it's fine! :)
  • RealChange31
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    I've taken my babe outside since 3-4 weeks old. Bundle them up, and it's perfectly safe :) But, I've been told to feel the neck folds for OVERHEATING. Overbundling can cause as many probs as underbundling.

    They have a lot of chubb on them for a reason!

    Enjoy your walks :)
  • MercedesFloyd
    What the heck do they think people have done for centuries with their babies... walk. Keep at it!
  • jasha13
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    Keep walking honey...I am sure the baby enjoys the fresh air!
    I also have an ergo and find that trying to do a "brisk" walk with a baby in a carrier isn't always the most comfortable for the baby, especially if it bounces.