Salad 101

I'm a big fan of salads, although sometimes I wander away from eating them. Here's a few tips on salads:

Try to buy the darkest greens, as they have better nutrition. My favorite is a 50/50 spring mix with spinach.

Top your salads with veggies. My favorites are cucumbers, radishes, carrot, artichoke, and red onion. Go easy (or avoid) the bacon, croutons and cheese. Sometimes, I like to top my salad with almond slices, walnut or chickpeas.

Salad Dressing
There's a LOT of salad dressings out there! Check out the calories, and make a good choice. Right now, I like the Bolthouse Farms salsa ranch, with only 45 calories for 2 tablespoons (and I do measure it). Some salad dressings have as much as 110 calories!

Salads in Restaurants
Not every salad is healthy. If you order a salad in a restaurant, ask for your dressing on the side. They can pour on a lot of calories (I usually order a raspberry vinaigrette).

I hope this Salad 101 has helped. :)


  • gerripho
    gerripho Posts: 479 Member
    Salad dressing doesn't have to be salad dressing. Try organic spring mix greens with 3 ounces of lean chicken breast, a sliced kiwi, and a couple of teaspoons of raspberry vinegar, (not vinegarette). Or, have the spring mix greens with some shrimp, a sliced cucumber and a couple of teaspoons of Balsamic vinegar, (again not vinegarette). These delicious vinegars are under 20 calories for a tablespoon! You can mix and match the chicken and shrimp with the kiwi and cucumber. Or have a sliced pear on the side instead of the kiwi.
  • freasabreze
    freasabreze Posts: 98 Member
    I love salads too! I could eat them everyday. I put in everything but the kitchen sink in. I use all veggies and nuts that I have on hand. I usually always have sunflower seeds. (my fav), My dressing is usually a Ranch. Full fat. But I only use 1 T. Dressing is something I can't go fat free on.
  • Nmthor
    Nmthor Posts: 41
    Try the Bolthouse Farms ranch (found in the refrigerated produce section.) I think you'd like them. The salsa ranch isn't spicy, just adds a little tomato to regular ranch.
  • sherrirb
    sherrirb Posts: 1,879 Member
    I've been buying the Hidden Valley Ranch Fat Free Ranch packets at the gas station I get my morning coffee. 1 packet is only 35 calories and it is plenty to cover my big salad!
    Just thought I'd share for all those Ranch lovers out there. I may have to try that Bolthouse salsa ranch, sounds good!
  • Nmthor
    Nmthor Posts: 41
    I just found Bolthouse Farms blue cheese with 35 calories. :)