Pasco county?

I live in Zephyrhills but am often at school, Saint Leo, in Dade City and work in Wesley Chapel. Anyone in these areas around?


  • quiggley
    quiggley Posts: 32 Member
    I am in New Port Richey so really west of you.
  • innocenceportrayed
    innocenceportrayed Posts: 569 Member
    Yeah, that's quite a ways from me.
    No colder out though lol unless you guys get rain when we don't.
  • quiggley
    quiggley Posts: 32 Member
    The next Block gets rain when I do not LOL It rained all afternoon and I had to run errands it was a I would rather be home reading afternoon.
  • cecee25
    cecee25 Posts: 10
    Im in zephyrhills :smile:
  • brushe
    brushe Posts: 181 Member
    I grew up in NPR. West Pasco.
  • kathuggs
    kathuggs Posts: 76 Member
    I know this thread is kind of old, but I'm in Zephyrhills! I just moved here in October.
  • Dave_Strife
    Dave_Strife Posts: 4 Member
    Born and raised in New Port Richey, finishing up college at PHCC here. Making plans for my great escape from this city. :P
  • TroyM68
    TroyM68 Posts: 8 Member
    I thought there were more Pasco people.... I'm in Land O Lakes!
  • quiggley
    quiggley Posts: 32 Member
    I did not grow up in NPR I grew up in Cape Canaveral moved to Largo and then up here 4 years ago. So I have no history with old Friends etc I really do not know anyone here :)
    I started going to the Y to swim but now it is too cool since the Pool is outside and I have a medical condition that makes it too hard to do an exercise class. I need to get into the habit of doing the machines again but it is boring and a little intimidating walking in there alone.
  • KimmyEB
    KimmyEB Posts: 1,208 Member
    YAY! Finally some fellow Zhills/Pasco County peeps! :happy: I live in Zephyrhills, work in Wesley Chapel/New Tampa/whatever you wanna call it....and will be going back to PHCC Dade City campus very soon. :smile:
  • NLang1989
    NLang1989 Posts: 24 Member
    I'm in NPR. I wish I had a workout buddy. I feel like Im started to slug off. I really don't want to lose focuss. I've lost 21 pounds and still have 29 to go.
  • Chris99mu
    Chris99mu Posts: 352 Member
    I live in Wesley Chapel and work in Zhills :-)
  • I'm almost in Pasco! Close to the Pinellas/Pasco border, but I used to live in NPR.
  • Libb3C
    Libb3C Posts: 56 Member
    Dade CIty here, just moved from IL
  • chelebeezy
    chelebeezy Posts: 15 Member
    New Port Richey here :) Michael_Moses is my cousin <3 Go to PHCC for an Associate in Science for Radiography, and I'm one semester from my Associate in Arts! Woo-hoo!
  • She_Hulk
    She_Hulk Posts: 277
    Wesley Chapel here! Would love more friends!
  • onetwopotato
    onetwopotato Posts: 245 Member
    Live in Wesley Chapel, work in Tampa.
  • klyn05
    klyn05 Posts: 88 Member
    I'm in Pasco as well ~ Holiday !
  • brushe
    brushe Posts: 181 Member
    Formerly Pasco county through High School........RHS. In Jax now. Friend if you'd like.
  • stef102093
    stef102093 Posts: 48 Member
    I live in Wesley Chapel, would love to add you guys as friends :smile: