★☆★Reminder - for New Members and Prospective Members★☆★

To participate in this dietbet - you have to join the game listed here: and it's please contact someone in this group for an invite. Once you join - you need to weigh in. Here is how it works:

This group is just for updating each other on our progress and it's not required for registration. To register you need to join the game mentioned above. See links for details :)


  • udamom
    udamom Posts: 65 Member
    how do I get an invite? do you know if you can be in multiple diet bets at once?
  • Hi Trish: Welcome to the group! I just sent you an invite to your email address. It should be in your email inbox or if not it might be in your spam folder.

    I think that we can be in up to 5 games at once.

    Keep in touch! I'm so excited you're thinking about joining! Don't forget to weigh in once you sign up. The game starts tomorrow Feb 1st.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    - Julie
  • musiqueange
    musiqueange Posts: 64 Member
    I decided, against past experience, that I will attempt EVEN THOUGH the most I've lost in a month has been 6 lbs and I'd need 8 to even try. STILL... :P
  • @musiqueange: I'm so glad you joined the dietbet with us! We can do it!

    Keep in touch! :)

    - Julie
  • livefreemm
    livefreemm Posts: 86 Member
    Hi ladies!

    My name is Misty and I happened to stumble across this group, then checked out this DietBet and was so stoked to have found something like this! I've been wanting to start something like this at work but couldn't rally up enough support so I'm so excited to be a part of that challenge!

    Julie was nice enough to let me join this group even though I am part of a different challenge on DietBet..
    It starts tommorow.. Here is the link to the one I joined.

    Look forward to getting to know everyone and hopefully were all a little "richer" at the end of this challenge, Lol! :laugh:

  • @livefreemm: Yaay, I'm so glad you joined our MFP group! :)