Day 2

Hi friends:

Just checking in to see how Day 2 went for everyone! For some of us Feb. 1st is really Day 1 but, for those of us who weighed in a day early...This is really our day 2, lol.

The weekend is always tough for me so, I plan to write out my food plans tonight. I know that I might be tempted by the food that I'm preparing for my husband on Super Bowl Sunday so here's my game plan:

For meals - Instead of making hot wings for the super bowl etc... I might bake skinless chicken tenderloins with Kraft Hot Barbecue Sauce (2tbsps is 50 calories). I'm using the hot version for the super bowl but the regular version is good too. You can serve it with Ken's Light Blue Cheese Dressing (2tbsps is 80 calories) or with Wishbone Light Blue Cheese Dressing (2tbsps is 70 calories). I use salad dressing as the side dip instead of regular blue cheese dip which is loaded with calories. I also serve celery stalks on the side, yum! (I'm addicted to celery with anything... peanut butter, cream cheese, hot sauce, lol.)

For snacking - I also have those awesome Kellogg's Special K Honey Barbecue chips and I might even make some of the taco dip recipe suggested here -

For desert - I plan to prepare some sugar-free jello for myself with Ready Whip Whipped Cream (2tbsps is 15 calories). I'm also addicted to Weight Watcher Twinkies (1 cake is 80 calories).

For drinks - I don't usually drink my calories but, I might have a Corona Light this weekend or a glass of red wine.

I might change my menu again but, so far that's my food plan for Sunday. I still have to figure out what to make for dinner today and of course lunch and dinner for Saturday, lol.

What are your food plans for this weekend? I need more ideas :)


  • udamom
    udamom Posts: 65 Member
    weekends are killer!! so hard to not eat too much. The alcohol is what usually kills me. This weekend will be hard as we have 2 superbowl parties to attend and I will have no control over what food is there calling my name! LOL
  • Lol, me too... alcohol kills me! I try to avoid vodka which is my favorite drink. I'm not buying any for a while :)

    Beer and wine I can control but I drink vodka like it's water sometimes, hahaha.