What part of San Antonio



  • rockmesteady123
    rockmesteady123 Posts: 1 Member
    I live right down the road from Hardberger Park. Feel free to add me! I could always use a workout buddy! I am a new mommy of a 7 month old so of course she would be tagging along :)
  • North side....Ive only been here 2 years...originally a Baltimore boy
  • I'm in the Boerne area, but work down town, always looking to meet new people and work out :)
  • tgibbons1935
    tgibbons1935 Posts: 85 Member
    I live in New Braunfels but work in downtown SA. I always work out at the Gold's gym during my lunch hour.
  • alisonT508
    alisonT508 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm around 281 and Bitters. I just moved here 6 months ago and am starting to explore the SA area while the weather is less hot.
  • Hi all! Just joined this group! I live near 410 and San Pedro area.
  • Gabrielm80
    Gabrielm80 Posts: 1,458 Member
    North east side by airport
  • gogoboobzilla
    gogoboobzilla Posts: 91 Member
    Northwest Side, Bandera and Eckert (Bandera and Huebner if you don't know where Eckert is...)

    Just moved here in March!
  • Superdave24
    Superdave24 Posts: 158 Member
    I live by Sea World on the far west side. I work off West avenue between Bitters and Nakoma. I enjoy running at some of the nearby parks either at lunch or after work.
  • gbellsatx
    gbellsatx Posts: 37 Member
    I trying to find a central location to do a boot camp! Local park or place where there are some trees for some shade that is not to crowded. Any suggestions?
  • BranMuffin86
    BranMuffin86 Posts: 314 Member
    I stay on the NW side of town. Been here my whole life.
  • 58Rock
    58Rock Posts: 176 Member
    NW. Culebra/1604/151. Alamo Ranch.
  • NW Culebra area as well...by Alamo Ranch 1604 near 151 feel free to add ????
  • sammie121403
    sammie121403 Posts: 49 Member
    Medical Center area
  • Near 1604 and Huebner.
  • Onaughmae
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    Nice to see so many neighbors :)
  • fufi04
    fufi04 Posts: 471 Member
    North Central... Blanco/Wurzbach Pkwy (:
  • Gabrielm80
    Gabrielm80 Posts: 1,458 Member
    North Central... Blanco/Wurzbach Pkwy (:
    I graduated from Churchill High down the road from there
  • brookielaw
    brookielaw Posts: 814 Member
    I'm in the Churchill area also, right around the corner from Hardberger park.
  • jelawton3
    jelawton3 Posts: 32 Member
    Live near Searworld but walk and ride all of SA and now expanded to areas outside 1604.