Let's get to know eachother -- Self-introduction

How much would you like to lose by the end of the Spring into Summer 2013 challenge??

Lets get to know each other -- Where are you from? What is your favorite color, season, food, television series, books, and hobby? Where would you visit if you could visit any place in the world!!?? -- and why? What are your favorite workout routines? RAMBLE ON MY FRIENDS!! lol :) Feel free to add your own questions to the mix! Feel free to add me as a friend!


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    How do I join the new group? I click on the join the group but it does not do anything. Please help. Thanks
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    My name is Joy and I am from Pittsburgh. I enjoy reading, going to the movies and scrapbooking. I enjoy the beach and love to swim. I usually go in one beach trip a year with my girlfriends. I am looking forward to this last challenge as a way to get the final pounds off before my daughter's wedding on July 13. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Feel free to add me as a friend!

    PS--- I would love to go to Greece. That is the plan for my 50th birthday!
  • cdnkatherine
    Hi there! Was looking for a challenge forum that was actually active...thank you! I'm from Canada, have 2 great kids and a wonderful husband. I'm a stay at home mom with interests in all things artistic. I love food. I recently read Tosca Reno's The Eat Clean Diet, Recharged and I think it's going to change my life. I can eat a pile of food and still lose weight. Learning to eat to fuel my body.
    I love watching Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, Brad Meltzer's Decoded, Ancient Aliens and of course, Duck Dynasty LOL!!!!! I pvr my shows because I never know when I will get a chance to watch them.
    I have dreams of visiting Europe one day and unlike many people, I could live without my blackberry. I don't sugar-coat anything and I tend to talk like a sailor when my kids aren't around.
    I started eating clean on Feb. 20th and I weighed 164.6lbs that day. My measurements certainly weren't pleasing either.
    I have entered my planned meals for tomorrow and workouts for the week. If I miss a workout, its quicker to delete it than to add it on. I tend to eat a lot of the same stuff during a week but that is because I prepare it all at the beginning of the week.

    I hope everyone stays on track and stays accountable. I know I will try my hardest!
  • CeCe_711
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    Hiya! My name is Colleen. I'm a petite irish woman and I love running! I injured my right knee last year training for the Chicago Marathon annnnnnd gained some weight because of it. I'm back in the saddle and ready to shed this nastyness. Some facts about me: I'm 26, from Kenosha, WI, love cats, if I could eat only cheese and dark chocolates I would, Citizen Cope and Regina Spektor are my favorite musical acts, and I don't know how to burp. Oh also, HUGE White Sox and Bears fan!
  • OceanAvenue85
    Hi Everyone:

    My name is Kate and I am 28 years old from Ontario, Canada!

    Favorite Colour: Purple
    Favorite Season: Summer
    Favorite Food: Italian
    Favorite Television: Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor, Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother, SNL
    Favorite Book: Slim for Life by Jillian Michaels
    Favorite Hobby: Internet, TV, Gym, Photography, Traveling, Themeparks, etc.
    Favorite Destinations: Orlando Florida, and Cabarete Dominican Republic
    Favorite Workout Routines: Cardio & Weights + Occasional Classes

    What you should know about me is that I am on a journey to lose up to 100 lbs. While I may not log my food on here regularly I can assure you that I am 110% on top of things and more motivated than ever. I am in love with my Isagenix products that I use on a daily basis and I also use my Polar Fitness Watch to track absolutely everything (which is why you may not see too much action from me on here). I'd rather spend my time at the Gym for an extra 20-30 min (I am there for 2-3hrs daily during the week) than repeat all of my food/exercise amongst various sites! I am in this whole heartedly and am ready to see what the next few months and year have in store for me!
  • Runs4CupCakes
    'm Amanda I am a southern bell.....I live in the Alabama (yes I have a southern drawl) I am married to the ♥ of my life and together we have 3 wild Indians they are 11, 8 & 7 the oldest is a gentleman and the other 2 are little ladies
    my baby is my Boxer his name is buster and he is a complete and total brat who sleeps in the middle every night
    I started this gig in April of last year when a lovely friend from work started losing weight and introduced me to the world of MFP... I have met some wonderful people and I love it here but I find myself not trying as hard as I should I left for awhile and in Dec decided I would not see another round of tagged photos on facebook of me looking like a can of busted biscuits I am 26 years young and have a wonderful family, my husband is very dedicated to working out and has lost 80 pounds he loves me for me and supports me in everything I do ...I can do this
    I am a procratonator and I know the longer I wait the harder its going to be I need good friends to hold me accountable my biggest problem is myself I lose 10 pounds and just give up instead of press on its been a cycle of yo yo diets... I love me enough to see this through and get healthy for good and stay that way...
    I work 8-5 I sit at a desk and I am rarely up during the day
    I love to read any and all books...
    I love out doors ,fishing , swimming , softball, mudding, street racing.....I want to do a tough mudder completion and cross the finish line one I day I will be able to do it with a smile
    I don't log my calories everyday but im finding that if I do I hold myself more accountable i'm looking forward to this and making some new friends along the way
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    :happy: Hello!! My name is Niki and I'm a total dork/nerd. I live in SW Florida. I moved down here 10 years ago from the Detroit area to get away from the cold. I LOVE summer. Hot and humid weather are a must. My favoritest color is red. I have a 9 (almost 10) year old little girl who is my life. She has Asperger's which can be quite a challange. We are total animal lovers. We have 2 cats, a bearded dragon, and a ball python.

    I work nights full time as a critical care secretary (thats my actual job title... I'm more like an unlicensed LPN), and I'm going to school full time to be a respiratory therapist. I have one year of school left and between school, clinicals, work, and my munchkin I need more hours in day. I don't have much free time for hobbies right now. When I do find some extra minutes, I like to shoot my bow, fish, and I game. I do tabletop gaming, console gaming, and I also play computer MMORPG games. Right now I'm playing Star Wars the Old Republic, and Lord of the Rings Online. I like to make bead,hemp/macrame jewelry and I want to learn to crochet. I also love to read, but with school I feel bad if I read anything not education related so thats kind of been put on hold until my breaks between semesters.

    Weight loss... I've been having such problems with my weight since I quit smoking 3 years ago. I had joined the new year new you group hoping to lose about 30 pounds in the 10 weeks. I may have aimed a bit high, I'm going to probably miss my goal by about 5-10 pounds. I'm still thrilled that I am losing. This time around I'm going to set my goal a little lower at maybe 15-20 pounds, and I'm still going to work my butt off (literally). I am about 40 pounds away from my goal weight right now. I would love to hit that by July, but I'm not going to stress too much.

    I love meeting people with common intersts and goals. I love hearing success stories. They keep me motivated knowing it can be done. :happy:
  • slimmingteacher
    my name is rabiya and i am student in my final year. my 23rd is coming up in May!! so really hoping to lose around 25kg by than! (ik alot to lose but nothing is impossible unless it has been attempted!) :D
    My favourite colour is black and emerald green
    my favourite season is spring
    my favourite food is chinese! yumyum
    my favourite tv prog is big bang theory haha
    my favourite book is the harry potter series!
    my favourite hobbies are cooking, watching movies, going out with my best friend, spending time with the fam and seeing that weight come off!! lol
    my favourite destination will be maldives (for honeymoon hopefully..whenever that shall be lol and istanbul
    my favourite workout routines are: well at the moment im just using the treadmill at home but once the weather gets better i will hopefully start swimming!
  • wanttoloseit5
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    Hi, I am a mother of 5 children. I am sick of saying that I will lose it this year. This is my year and I would love to be in this group. I enjoy exercising, but love me some treats. I would love it, if I could lose at least 15 pounds by Summer. I know that might not be realistic, but I feel if I record everything in my food journal and stay within my numbers I can do this. Sorry about my ramblings. I like playing games with my husband and kids. My favorite color is blue. Thanks for starting this group, maybe it will kick me in the right direction andI will just do it this time.
  • imzadi_24
    I am 36, and I have been married to the same man for nearly 20 years. He thinks I am still sexy and beautiful, but I don't. My weight is creeping up to 160 and I need to reverse that trend for health reasons. Plus I am sick of having to buy $70 bras because my bra size is ridiculous. 32G! I seem to gain my weight there first! And now I am gaining belly weight too. My goal is to drop from size 14 pants to a 10, or lose about 25 lbs by late July. Either way, I will be very happy! I love emerald green and turquoise blue, dark chocolate, reading/watching sci-fi and fantasy, sewing and playing with my sweet fluffy dog.
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    My name is Alexis and I am from Nevada. I am living in Hawaii for the next few years and then I will move back to somewhere in the mainland. I am 25 years old and decided I need to get the rest of this weight off. I gained tons of weight in college and have since decided I refuse to live my life unhealthy. I was vegetarian for 5 years and have in the last few months gone vegan. I am loving it! I not only feel better but I know I am eating better than ever. There are bad foods for vegans so I have eaten bad foods and my weight loss has stopped so I am currently going back to clean eating. I am trying to eat more raw veggies and less processed foods. It is all a transition and I will be healthy!!

    I enjoy running, I am currently training for my marathon and later next year I plan to do a triathlon. I enjoy working out, hiking, reading, swimming and lounging on the beach.

    On this challenge I hope to lose 15 lbs, which is a lot as I am nearing my goal weight. I am currently 145 lbs and by the time the challenge starts I hope to be around 142. My overall goal weight is around 120 but I am also going to listen to my body and not pay as much attention to the scale.

    If anyone would like go add me as a friend, I always like new friends whom are ready to make a better lifestyle change for the better of their life.
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    Hi, my name is Michelle and first I have to say THANK YOU for this 15 week challenge! I love mfp and the numerous resources and information that's available just by chatting to wonderful, motivated people as yourselves. :-) Where do I start? I'm 43 yo, currently live in Philadelphia, but am a New Yorker all the way - lived in NY (Long Island) for over 20 years. Plan on moving back to NY within next 5 years. I was born in the UK and my family is from Barbados, so I'm a mutt! I am happily married with two beautiful children (ages 10 & 19 - I know!). I'm currently going to school to be an RN, and I'm a dialysis technician working the nocturnal shift.
    I've been struggling with my weight since childhood - and I'm FINALLY ready to take it off sensibly and for good. I went to the doctor and initially thought I had a thyroid problem (but don't), and I'm pre-hypertensive. Doc says that the weight loss will be beneficial with my blood pressure and the sluggishness I've been experiencing. So, here I am on mfp, which my doc also told me about.
    I weigh 212lbs, and my goal is 150lbs. Hope to lose 30lbs while on the challenge.
    My color is red, I love the summer, love spending time with my family, working out and my favorite books right now are nursing books!
    Will post my pic just as soon as I figure out how to. :-)
  • mcruse
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    Hey There! My name is Melonee. I live in Southern California. I just joined the Grandma club. I lost almost 60 pounds two years ago and gained every pound back. I lost it the right way, through diet and exercise. The problem was I did not have a maintenance program. Well if I did it once, I can do it again. Thanks for this challenge. This is the kind of motivation I look for. I am currently doing a 21 day cleanse with a friend - to help motivate her. It's hard but I know I can do it.
    My favorite color is earth tones and orange/reds
    my favorite season is Autumn
    my favorite food is spicy
    my favorite tv prog is antique road show and period British mini-series
    my favorite authors are Beverly Jenkins, Jane Austin, Jo Beverly,
    my favorite leisure activities are estate sales, reading, writing, watching off-beat Netflix movies, and power lounging
    my favorite destination will be Spain and France.
    my favorite workout routines are Kickboxing and biking.

    Will post my picture soon!!!
  • mingecrackers
    My name is Scatgash and I am 21 years old.

    I like playing games on my iPhone (Like Dragonvale and Bakery Story), WWI Literature, Silent Hill, charity shops, Day of the Dead decorations, psytrance, mushrooms, Marmite, nature documentaries, baggy jumpers, the smell of wet grass, forest parties, dancing, exploring and Nikola Tesla.

    I used to weigh 118lbs at 5'5, then I started some new medication and went up to 150lbs.
    I want to be tight and toned, and especially for my bellybutton to stop making my stomach look like an unhappy face. I want to be able to skitter about and not be frighted of ripping my jeans!

    Hopefully by Summer 2013, I will be at least 125lbs.
  • Imparablelta
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    Totally looking forward to this challenge...lets stay focused and motivated.

    My name is LeeSandra and I am 34 years old from New Jersey.

    Favorite Colour: Purple
    Favorite Season: Spring/Fall
    Favorite Food: Seafood
    Favorite Television: Walking Dead, Bad Girls Club, Real World Challenges (Alot of Reality TV)
    Favorite Hobby: Traveling, Boxing, Riding Motorcycles
    Dream Vacation: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Ey' Ey' Ey...Australia (planning a 2014 trip God willing)
    Favorite Workout Routines: Boxng, Cardio, + Occasional Classes+ Workout Trainer (Droid Application - highly recommended it!)

    'm 5'8, weighing in at 182 lbs.

    I am on a journey to reach the 160 lbs...and if I can reach the 155lbs, I'll be even happier.

    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • di1428
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    HI everyone..My names diana and i came to this group from another (New Year , New You2013) which i sort of didnt follow thru with. i have been struggling with losing since christmas and keep going up and down..now i am about 6 lbsup from my lowest after losting 40+ lbs in 2012.

    but anyways im married, a mom to two girls and one grandson and we live in NY...

    looking forward to doing this with you all :)
  • ICarla
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    Hey guys! I'm Carla from the home of the current superbowl champion Baltimore Ravens!!!! (lol couldn't resist). I'm the mother of 1 darling 5 year old. I work fulltime and am a part time studen pursuing my Master's Degree in Public Administration (although I really wanna be a real estate mogul). I'm on this journey to look and feel better during the summer months. I have a trip planned for June 5 to Cancun and I would like to be beach ready. It will be a confidence booster. I have about 60 more lbs to lose. I doubt that I can lose that kind of weight (responsibly) by then but I would like to tone and lose inches. I'm glad to be on this journey with you all.
  • Sweet_Gurl_Next_Door
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    Hi everyone! My current home is the modern version of mayberry North Carolina. Kingston arkansas. we have 1 school preschool-12th grade all in one building, 1 cafe, 1 merchantile, 1 library, 1 post office, 400 miles of dirt roads to name a few. I am a work at home mom where I work for a paid survey company. I am wanting to get slim and healthy by my birthday I would like to weigh 160 pounds. last year at this time I weighed 220 pounds . with my sister, nephews and possibly my new great niece I've not go to meet yet. I want to surprise them with my weight loss as well as celebrate my 38th birthday also June 5th to weighing 160 pounds

    Favorite season: spring
    Favorite color: bright neon colors
    Favorite food : my mom's enchadilias
    Favorite tv show: The Biggest Loser, chopped, resteraunt impossible. resteraunt steak out, mystery diners, worst cooks in America

    Favorite book: so long insecurity you've been a bad friend to us Beth Moore

    favorite hobbies: playing basketball with my daughter, writing poetry, singing

    favorirte destinations: walt Disney world, Silver Dollar City, Hot Springs, Arkansas spa house row

    favorite work out routine: kick boxing
  • samanthaNT
    I am Samantha everyone calls me Sam. I am extra motivated for summer right now because I am going to Florida for the first time. I live in a small town with less than 300 people! My favorite color is purple and I love Mexican food! I am a movie junkie and despite looking girly I love violent, gory and action movies the most and anything ZOMBIE haha

    Height 5'5
    Starting weight 175
    Current weight 162
    Goal weight 145
  • OzBec
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    Hello hello.....My names Bec and I'm from Downunder....Australia :-) But currently living in Europe and dealing with some mighty cold weather. But it hasn't deterred me this time. I say this time, as every couple of months I seem to start something like this and then Easter comes along, or my birthday (March also)....Then other birthdays, and summer parties with too much alcohol and then we roll right into Xmas and I think its too cold to go outside and work out. But that excuse just dont fly anymore....Ive already been regularly swimming in the snow this last 8 weeks, I'm THAT determined. Age 32, no kids, loving partner who is also joing me on this journey, but he is trying to GAIN weight and muscle....oh what a problem to have haha
    Excited to be here, thrilled to have all of your support and happy to return it if you need it. Lets do this....Will add before pics closer to the start! YAY x