What diet do you follow? What works for you?

I follow a low-carb diet -- and have lost most of my weight eating low-carb!! However, I just purchased a juicer, and will start replacing one of my meal with a smoothie or veggie juice. Have you ever tried juicing, or know someone who has? I could use some feedback and suggestions on the "juicing diet". Anyhow, what diet works for you -- and why?

Please share!!




  • santababy23
    santababy23 Posts: 9 Member
    I don't follow any diets per se. I don't really have time to follow a specific diet and I hate being restricted in any way. Diets are restricting! So what I do is eat within my calorie limit. I have been logging my food for so long that I can almost guess how much calories something has by looking at it. If it is something new, I read labels or use the MFP or calorie counter to calculate. Apps are great for doing this.

    My goal is to exercise 5-6 days a week. When I am not able to do this, I just adjust my calorie intake but I do aim for at least 4 days of exercise each week. Even if it means doing a few jumping jacks or crunches in my room or running up and down the stairs a couple of times. Everything counts!!!

    When I do exercise seriously, I go for fast-paced 60-90 minute walks. I have a beautiful hilly walking trail by my house. I also try, and I mean I try, I didn't say I actually do. I also try to do Jillian Michaels BFBM video. I usually last about 10 minutes and then I lay flat on the floor for the rest of the video. But that is progress for me because the first day I tried it 2 weeks ago, I barely lasted 2 minutes. So I am getting there. Slowly, but surely!
  • pinksarahjane
    pinksarahjane Posts: 73 Member
    hi everyone i have tryed loads of diets weight watchers etc and could never stick with them i just eat freshly cooked meals and allow myself small treats and healthy snacks and have my five a day fruit/veg
  • samanthaNT
    I try not to have a "diet" so I can stick to it more. I just try to to eat as healthy as I can and stay within my calorie needs. So if anything I am on a low calorie diet and I try to stay under 1500 calories a day. I try to eat completly clean a few days a week too. I have tried to juice and it was not for me, I found it to be expensive and too time consuming. Maybe if I found an easier way I would like that more.
  • lizp114
    lizp114 Posts: 202 Member
    I don't believe in diets, but I do try to eat as healthy as possible and workout at least six days a week.
  • rosequeen69
    rosequeen69 Posts: 3 Member
    I don't believe in diets either I just go by my calorie counter but I still try to eat all my fruits and veggies everyday. I also detox once a week cause it helps me lose weight faster.
  • di1428
    di1428 Posts: 165 Member
    i have been following the South Beach Plan, i like to call it a plan vs. a diet as in i do believe it has taught me how to eat healthier, cut out the loads of crap food i was eating and taught me how to switch up food i want ..multi-grain breads and pasta instead of
    white...etc...it has let me lose about 40-45lbs with just changing my food intake alone.
    now the challenge is adding excercise because the scale now has not moved other than up/down since christmas..
  • simplystacy83
    I followed Paleo for awhile but realized all the red meat was exacerbating my PCOS. So I'm back to low carb, moderate fat, calorie counting!
  • WindmillTilter
    WindmillTilter Posts: 51 Member
    I try to keep near a 40% protein 40% carb and 20% fat split on my calories and stay under my calorie goal for the day. I don't have a specific diet. I eat what I want and if I run out of calories and am hungry.....I will just do some quick cardio to give me extra calories for the day.

    My biggest problem is the weekends and cookies......

  • Klem4
    Klem4 Posts: 399 Member
    I just eat within my calorie goal, 40/30/30 currently. This ratio seems to work perfectly for my body. I do believe in "eat more to weigh less." I've actually upped my calories as my weight is declining. :) The quality of my foods some days could use improvement though. :)
  • Honeytips
    Honeytips Posts: 337 Member
    I don't follow anything in particular. I might go periods without sugar or for lent cut out meat but that's it. I try to keep myself under my set calories and if I know I'll go over by a lot then I work out as twice as much.
  • CrimeanGurl
    CrimeanGurl Posts: 103
    I am not counting calories as this makes me think about food all the time and always ends up in a binge, but I do watch the size of my portions, eat only when I am feel hungry, and follow a 100% clean diet (no cheat days, no pseudo-healthy stacks, and absolutely no sweets). I am also not consuming any grains, dairy, or legumes and try not to eat after 6pm.
  • slimmingteacher
    well i have literally tried every diet out there! slimming world, stavation, you name it. But the one that is working for me is the dukan diet. a low carb diet always works best. a low calorie diet works but only for a few days coz i always get hungry. But i have been on the dukan diet for just over a week, lost 4kg and my appetite has gone down. i dont stare myself coz i can eat as much as i want but i just dont feel hungry like i used to. :)
  • brihodges
    brihodges Posts: 33 Member
    I haven't tried to follow a specific diet. In the past, doing so only led to a constant focus on food that would just make me hungrier. Instead I try to stay between 1300 and 1500 calories and make sure to get at least 15-20 minutes of cardio a day. This time around, I've really focused on making my family healthier. So far, it seems to be working! I will say though, I have the hardest time on the weekends! Wine is my weakness, and normally one glass with family dinner turns into several calorie filled glasses.
  • divalivious
    divalivious Posts: 213 Member
    Not following a specific diet although just got diagnosed with diabetes last month and been doing a low carb and of course watching my sugar intake. I have been adding a few paleo and raw recipes into my diet mainly for desserts so I am able to indulge without all the refined sugars. I am finding the raw/paleo desserts are very rich and you only need a little to get your sweet craving.
    I do my best to stick to my daily calories (with the occasional indulgence :)) and get out and move, since my work has me sitting far too much.
  • BakerRunnerBadass
    BakerRunnerBadass Posts: 1,359 Member
    I've tried diets to loose weight a few times and always seemed to fail. When I decided to loose weight this last time starting back in September I went with portion control and everything in moderation. As a result the weight has come of nicely and even when I'm not completely behaving with my food I haven't gained anything as I have been very consistant with working out (even if just a short run min 4 days a week). For the first time I feel like I am going to be able to loose the weight and keep it off!!
  • meljoemom
    meljoemom Posts: 118 Member
    No diet except to eat HALF of what I normally do as long as it meets my minimum calorie intake. No starving myself! I've done it before and I can do it again!
  • bwnorton
    bwnorton Posts: 100 Member
    I'm using the 1.200 calorie daily goal, but ensuring I eat enough protein and fiber. With this few calories, I usually find that I eat a low fat diet, with lots of healthy veggies and greens. I like beans and salads, so I've been eating more of those. I am also consciously trying to eat 3 meals a day with normal portions. I also take a multiple vitamin and eat more non-fat dairy (skim milk and fat-free greek yogurt) just in case my diet isn't as balanced from day to day.

    My kitchen scale and MyFitnessPal really helps there!

    During the first week of my diet, I blew all my calories in the morning before the day really started going. (I was stunned at how many calories were in my Denver Omelette and hash browns breakfast from my favorite restaurant.)
  • Seanb_us
    Seanb_us Posts: 322 Member
    My diet comprises:

    • Using MFP to track my calories
    • Trying to eat less processed food
    • Working out -- aiming for 3-4 days per week
    • Reducing alcohol consumption

  • miller32807
    miller32807 Posts: 78 Member
    I am currently just counting calories, and trying to eat within my BMR of around 1650 calories per day. On days that I exercise or get in more steps (use a Fitbit tracker), then I'll eat more. I'm not really exercising right now, but if I feel up to it, I'll get in a walk here and there. I'm hoping to add more exercise soon, but I started with only tracking calories so I could make that a habit, and then I'll go from there! lol
  • 5hellz
    5hellz Posts: 63 Member
    Like most here, I just let MFP count the calories and stay within my 1200 limit. However, I did completely cut out Mt. Dew. They are completely and totally off limits! I was the only one in the house that drank it so everyone has been told it is no longer allowed in my house....I went from having 5-6 20oz per day (sometimes more) to having zero! Mt. Dew is the one thing that I can not allow myself to have in moderation.