Long Hair and Workouts

I have pretty long hair, not quite to my waist but well past my shoulders. It is fine and likes to tangle very easily! I have a question for other long-haired people who work out. How do you take care of your hair? My biggest issue is tangles and knots from my hair getting sweaty. It won't stay in a bun (it will just slide right out, especially if I'm doing cardio).

Today I have tried spraying it with detangler and then braiding it for kickboxing class tonight. I will let you know how that works out!

I really want to keep growing my hair, but it seems like no matter how gentle I am, having to constantly work out knots means I am constantly accidentally breaking the hair, which I know is no good for growing it longer.


  • mhotch
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    I have a similar and opposite problem. I have EXTREMELY fine, but short hair. {about mid neck length} I tie it back with hair clamps in 3 different sections, and use a head band. It keeps the varied lengths out of my face that way. But the different clamps or elastic bands may keep the hair from tangling. I never was able to have long hair, so I am speculating {and dreaming and wishing!!}. Maybe that may work.
  • Becoming_A_Butterfly
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    Before I went running over the weekend, I sprayed my hair with detangling spray, combed it through, then braided it. That helped a lot, but it sure is time-consuming. Oh well, saved time on swearing and working out knots later!
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    When I had longer hair, I would use headbands (the softer fabric ones, not hard plastic or metal ones, and with NO bows, flowers, stones, etc....just plain fabric), and I'd also pull it into a ponytail. A very tight ponytail...as tight as I could make it. It didn't completely work...sometimes my hair would still fall out of the ponytail...but it's all I could do to help it. Wish I had better advice! :flowerforyou:
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    i have a similar problem except my hair is curly and needs to be straightened before i show my face at work haha.

    how do the curly hair girls take care of their hair when they have to work out everyday? I cannot wash and style every day :(

    ETA: ain't nobody got time for that LOL
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    ETA: ain't nobody got time for that LOL

    Exactly :laugh:
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    I keep mine back in a pony tail currently but it's getting long enough for me to start to need to plat it. Maybe that would work?
  • I french braid mine and it seems to keep my various layers from going everywhere, sometimes adding a headband. My hair is thick and I can occasionally sit on the longest layer. I have also done the sock bun, which is huge and I find heavy on my neck but that sucker is secure, as opposed to your standard bun, which I do still occasionally do but I secure it with a pen, bobby pins, and clips(and it still falls down sometimes!).

    The french braid also seems to keep me cooler, my hair stays off my neck and I seem to get good airflow through it, well as good as it gets for thick hair anyway.