What diet do you follow? What works for you?



  • karen_thinmint
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    My recent only goal is iron rich diet. Which is actually just a balanced diet: meats (not always lean though), leafy greens, fruits high in vitC, legumes, fortified grains, etc. I don't limit myself, but I stress these foods as the staples of the day now.

    If I don't get enough iron I'm very tired and in a fog. As I have been recently. I switched back on the plan and I've been more energetic and dropped some of the weight that's been creeping on the last couple months. So I'm really happy.
  • samanthaNT
    well i have literally tried every diet out there! slimming world, stavation, you name it. But the one that is working for me is the dukan diet. a low carb diet always works best. a low calorie diet works but only for a few days coz i always get hungry. But i have been on the dukan diet for just over a week, lost 4kg and my appetite has gone down. i dont stare myself coz i can eat as much as i want but i just dont feel hungry like i used to. :)

    Can you tell me what the dukan diet is? :)
  • OceanAvenue85
    I don't like following any Diets per say, I am just mindful of what I eat and drink on a regular basis. Having said that I do eat, sleep, and breathe Isagenix, as it has changed my life in too many ways to list... it has helped me immensely since incorporating it into my everyday life. I still go out an enjoy myself every now and then, and am not under any crazy restrictions what so ever. As of today I am currently down 17.4lbs. since January 1st, 2013 which is HUGE for me considering I was struggling for awhile last year.

    Healthy Eating + Isagenix + Working Out = Amazing Results so far for Myself!

    If anyone has any questions on Isagenix or any questions for me in general please do not ever hesitate to ask.

  • mathlovingrunner
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    As of March 1st I am doing a gluten and mostly dairy free diet. My oldest son has allergies and for the most part the whole family is eating gluten & dairy free for him. The only exception being that everyone else can have yogurt and drink milk; which oldest son hates. We all still need our calcium and this way I don't have to buy calcium supplements for everyone; just oldest son.

    This is helping me lose weight but it is a drastic step. I will let you decide if it is worth it.
  • Nikipowpez
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    I have been following a doctor prescribed/monitered very low calorie (1000 Per day) DASH diet with phentermine. I did really well for the first 2 months (lost over 20 lbs). Now, I haven't budged in the past month. The diet itself isn't too terribly hard to follow; however, I think that my body may be doing the whole starvation mode thing, hence the plateau. I know quick losses never last or stick long term. I think my body is telling me its time for a change. I am really lking the sound of the roadmap diet. I've already calculated and upped my calories on here to reflect the suggested amount. The other half really wants us to start the paleo lifestyle. I had mentioned it to him months ago and he wanted no part of it. Now that its HIS idea, he thinks its great. Men! So I guess for this challenge I will say I am going to be following the roadmap diet, on a paleo lifestyle. :happy:
  • 5hellz
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    I don't believe in diets either I just go by my calorie counter but I still try to eat all my fruits and veggies everyday. I also detox once a week cause it helps me lose weight faster.

    By detox, what do you do? I've heard of others doing this and always wondered what they mean exactly by it.

    Thanks =)
  • tk2222
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    Not trying to stick to a specific diet either, just the usual - fresh food, within calorie limit, balance of carb/protein/fat (I've started being more serious about strength training so I try to hit a high protein count though) and a mix of work-outs 5-6 days a week (swimming, yoga, and cardio+weights at the gym.)

    I try to hit at least 14-1500 calories a day, and eat back most of the exercise - i'm not great at it, since I tend to go into obssessive counting nerd mode and lower and lower and lower my calories like it's some sort of game. Last time I tried to lose weight, by two months in, I ended up eating 7-800 calories a day for two weeks, getting dizzy when I went up stairs (I'm an idiot, yes) but, hey, dropping 1.5 kg a week....you can imagine how well that ended. (not to mention how fast those kilograms came back and how many friends they brought along.) So, it's slow, steady, tolerant, lots of exercise and no obsessing or numbers games this time.
  • desiv2
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    I'm keto, which is very low carb and high fat. I chose this diet for my skin/acne not weight loss, but I like it (and it defiantly got rid of acne). Though I'm considering changing to paleo because I started a lifting program that might require more carbs and protein in the future. Anyone else have this issue? Anyway, I lost most of my weight just eating less calories, but I feel fuller and I do like keto a lot, also it really amped up my weight loss.
  • MelLambert08
    I also don't believe in diets as they tend to backfire. I try to stick to healthy eating, and exersising daily. My biggest downfall is portion control, but I'm getting there. I do incorporate a shake into my daily routine which helps me get my vitamins, minerals and other nutrients body needs. I found this really helps with cravings I might have. I do allow myself a cheat meal every once in a while, slowly I try to make this a healthier version. I find that if I completely deprive myself of everything, then I do end up binging and that's never good.
  • noirnatural
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    Since December I have been following the 17 Day Diet,
  • Baila518
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    The belly melt diet
  • Dulcefresh
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    I dont really follow a diet... Im on a healthy lifestyle. I eat right , stay between 1200 to 1500 calories. I exercise between 20 to 60 minutes a day( some days more). I log in my food and exercise everyday to make me be accountable. I make wiser choices on food. We use to eat red meat and full fat ground beef and tons of tortillas. Now I make meals with chicken, fish , once in the while have red meat. and every so often I let my hubby choose what he wants for a cheat day. Like last week we had pozole....which wasnt that bad in calories. We also switch up our exercise routines.....

  • jerryallegood
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    I try to limit junk, keep my proteins, fats, and carbs balanced. I set a weight loss goal and then eat the proper amount of calories to loose wieight at the desired level. It works for me. I try to include a lot of fiber in my diet also from food and supliments. I am going to further refine my food choices as I go for better results.
  • GleeDee00
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    I try to stay within my calorie goal range. Lately, I try to eat more lean meats and vegetables. I tried going cold turkey and limiting all carbs for two weeks. Although I lost a lot of weight and inches, it only gave me more of a craving to splurge on the wrong foods afterwards. Now, I simply try eating less carbs and filling up on less starchy foods. I have found that limiting fried foods, junk food, and take out foods to one day a week works for me.
  • stephanj
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    I find lower carb high protein works best for me personally. Currently following the 27 day diet, stay within zone macros most of the time.
  • SallyJoT
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    I like Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet the best. I have tried weight watchers and Paleo in the past and I find that eating clean is a balanced approach to nutrition that I can maintain as a lifestyle.
  • bethieb
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    I am trying to keep within my 1200 calories. I also find that low carb and high protein works best for me as I am training alot now. I try to keep my carbs at about 100g but this doesn't always happen. But generally I eat good healthy food trying to get my carbs from veg. I do have a treat day on a sunday but then since I am starting this challenge I decided I'm scraping that cheat day!!