Episode 3

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So what did you all think,
I've read the books so had an Idea what was coming my other half however was gobsmacked!
Also every episode I find myself loving Brienne more and more.
What did you all think?


  • DanOhh
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    I too have read the books and my wife hasn't read them. What I do know is that Book 3 is the best and those that haven't read them are in for a lot of treats this season.

    I'm not spoiling a thing for anyone. I would love for them to have the same feeling I did when the 'Big One' drops this season. The good thing for my wife is she'll have some one to discuss it with. I still remember reading the book when the 'Big One' happened and having to set is down and look at everyone around me with my jaw on the floor. Then having to pick the book up and read it again to make sure I had read it correctly but not being able to discuss what happened with anyone around me sucked.

    Watching happen on the screen and then being able to discuss it is what I have been looking forward to the most every time I watch it w/my wife. This season could be a surprise about every episode.
  • myriddian
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    I hear you on the third book, it's my fav also. Agreed that this season will be action packed and I'm hoping that they do it justice.
  • silver_arrow3
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    I've read all of the books, but I honestly can't remember what happened in which book. I know that several things are coming up but I can't remember WHEN to expect them! Like various weddings and the introduction of Lady Stoneheart and Reek... I know that's a little ways off yet, but still. I need to reread, I think.

    I did, however, enjoy last night's episode. I really enjoy the Brienne/Jaime dynamic. I remember reading that last scene and having to reread it several times to make sure I had actually read what I thought I read.

    I remember Edmure being a bit of a flake, but I don't remember him seeming quite so dim-witted.
  • TheRightWeigh
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    I am new to this group...glad I found it.

    My thoughts on the most recent episode:

    Am I seeing a little spark between Brienne and Jamie??

    So glad they killed the Incest Chief, not glad it turned into a mutinous massacre

    I ride for Queen Danerys all day. Was waiting for that "surprise I speak your language, jerk" moment the entire season!

    That's all.
  • Banannafish512
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    I too love Storm of Swords! Thought it was the best written, as far as pacing and drama in the entire series. I threw my book down when I got to the Big One because I could not believe it! It was masterful!

    I hope it's just as good in the series. I sort of sense that the relationship between Catelyn and Robb is kind of...strained. I hope they come to some resolution though.

    The Theon escape was well done.