Ladies: Weights?

How heavy are the weights that you're using?


  • chipmunk_87
    chipmunk_87 Posts: 42
    I use 2kg weights (4.4lbs), because thats all I have!
  • ruby1387
    ruby1387 Posts: 77 Member
    Even I use 2 kg weights.
  • groovyreba
    groovyreba Posts: 72 Member
    Mine are 5 lbs. , but I can't do everything with 5 lbs. I have no upper body strength. Well, it's better than before I started, but I'm not "there" yet.
  • thistimesucess
    thistimesucess Posts: 169 Member
    I only have 1kg weights - I really wanted to get 1.5 or 2kg weights for this but the local sports shop doesn't have any in at the moment, so I'm stuck with 1kg.
  • Koholint
    Koholint Posts: 104 Member
    I didn't have any weights to start with, so I just use 1 lb soup cans for now. It's better than nothing until we get some weights, maybe this week.
  • snorry
    snorry Posts: 9
    I have a small weight set so I use different weights depending on the exercise. I mostly use the 5lb but for the arm lifts with side lunge, I only use 3lb and for the arm flies(?) I use 8lb.
  • aquirico
    aquirico Posts: 21 Member
    I'm using 3 pound weights, which is plenty for me on the arm lifts!
  • Leslie1124
    Leslie1124 Posts: 143 Member
  • babynun
    babynun Posts: 120 Member
    I start with 5lbs then alternate with 3lbs.
  • PecorinoRomano
    PecorinoRomano Posts: 33 Member
    5 lbs!
  • jmelaun
    jmelaun Posts: 9
    Okay, similar to what I'm doing! :) I was using 2lbs. because I'm pretty weak in the upper body but I realized some of the moves (like the row) didn't feel like I was doing anything. So I've switched it up and am using 5lbs for some and 2lbs for other.
  • LosingMyMarbles
    LosingMyMarbles Posts: 168 Member
    3 lbs
  • Luthien007
    Luthien007 Posts: 281 Member
    The smallest I have is 3kg. They are too heavy to complete the overhead squats and side lunges. Each day I am progressing further though. I changed to 4 kg for the chest fly on day 4.
    I am going to pick up some 2kg DBS in the next couple of days. I peeked at more jillian DVDs on youtube and think I will get the use out of the 2kgs with other DVDs too so worth spending the money.
  • FightingMongeese
    FightingMongeese Posts: 17 Member
    I use 5lbs, but Ihave 3lbs in case the 2nd and 3rd level are too hard.
  • Nutter1028
    Nutter1028 Posts: 9 Member
    Didn't have weights so I was using full salt containers (1lb 10 oz each), it was the heaviest thing I could find lol. But I just bought some 3 lb weights
  • hegster23
    hegster23 Posts: 36 Member
    I use 3lb right now, but I think I need to switch to 5lb for some of the moves....I feel like I'm not doing when I do the arm rows with the 3lb.
  • LilynEdensmom
    LilynEdensmom Posts: 612 Member
    I do 5 pounds, mostly b/c I'm to cheap to go buy anything else lol...So far I'm not having a huge problem with it but I regularly lift 30-50 pounds several times a day at work
    NESIBEAU Posts: 20
    3LBS but i need heavier weights for some of the excercises
  • jumpermuffin
    jumpermuffin Posts: 27 Member
    I only have 5lb weights, but I really wish I had 3lb weights for the side lunge and arm lifts. Oh, I die!