anxiety and exercise

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Hey everyone!
I am posting this topic on behalf of a member...

Is there anyone out there who finds exercising difficult because of anxiety issues?
Perhaps because youre scared to exercise alone or because an increased heart-rate makes you panic?
Any possible ideas to help would be welcome :)
Thanks in advance



  • SarahDavs
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    If your friend is worried about accelerated heart rate they can talk to their doctor about taking a beta blocker. I take one when I feel like I'm going to be in a situation that might make me panic. It keeps your heart rate from accelerating. I totally get being afraid of rapid heart rate, it feels like you're going to die when it happens. I could see this from scaring someone out of exercising. I have gotten the rapid heart rate problem from both panic attacks and because I have WPW syndrome (which effects my heart) and causes tachycardia. Very scary. Sorry to anyone who has to deal with, and live in fear of it.
  • bern929
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    Just wanted to thank you Sarah and Charlee for asking the question for me, I do take a med for BP but I don't think it is a Beta blocker. Sarah if you can see this what are you taking?


  • SarahDavs
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    bern929, mine is called: Metoprolol ER Succinate. I don't take it everyday. I only take it an hour before I feel like I'm going to do something that might cause a panic attack (which for me also causes a rapid heart rate.) I might still get a panic attack if I take it, but it will make it so my heart rate doesn't accelerate. Which for me is the scariest part of a panic attack, so it has been really good for me. I've had a prescription for it for about 5 months and only have to take it a few times a week.