~*Baby Boy Name*~

Hello, ladies (and possibly gents)! I am expecting my first child, a boy, due October 8th and am looking for ideas for a boy name.
I really like classic names (with a little twist now and again).
Some names I like:
* Jonah
* Joshua
* Tyler
* Adrian
* Julian
* Jackson
* Landon
* Charles
* Sergio
What do you think? Add your own ideas, please do first and middle name.


  • rachmaree
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    We aren't finding out the gender, but I have a strong suspicion we are having a boy. Girl names are no problem, but boy names... we are having some problems! My husband is Muslim, and wants to use an Arabic/ Turkish name as a middle name, but it's hard enough to find English boy names we like! Some of our options:


    My friend likes Emmett, which I don't mind either

    And the Turkish/ Arabic
    Zayd (I would have spelled this Zade if I was living in Australia)
    Ilyas (pronounced ill-yas)
  • RBXChas
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    We have a 2-year-old son and are due 5/26 (so really, any day now) with a baby of unknown sex (we didn't find out the first time, either). We tend to lean towards traditional names because the other types of names we like don't work with our German last name. (My husband likes Celtic/Gaelic names - we stick with those for our dogs - and I like Italian names because I am Italian - but again, Italian first name + German last name can sound silly.) So I love your name choice of Sergio, but it would sound TOTALLY ridiculous with our last name. Same with Salvatore, which is a favorite with me and my husband. We also cut out S names (at least that start with the S sound) because our last name starts with an S.

    My nephew is named Julian, so I can tell you right off the bat that I like that name :smile:

    I have our shortlist in my purse in case I go into labor and can't go home first to get my hospital bag :tongue: Last time, our son was born, we (obviously) found out he was a boy, and when they took him off to do his initial tests and whatnot, we chose a name for him off of our shortlist, since we'd already "met" him.

    We ended up naming him Thomas Elliott, but we also considered Thomas Joseph - we could then have the option of calling him "TJ."

    The other names in the running were Jonathan, Joshua, and Colin. My husband asked me if Joseph was on our list last time, and I thought that it was, but apparently it only was as a middle name. I'd like to move it up to first-name status, and I think my husband would agree.

    The other middle name we considered was Andrew, which I'd also like to move up to first-name status.
  • ehg87
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    Love the name Julian, but hubs isn't a fan. Other than that I'm not a traditional name person at all, so I wouldn't be too big of a help :)

    @rachmaree - I LOVE the name Reed, as that's my husband's name and my son's middle name :)
  • midcoast_mommy
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    If ours is a boy, we're naming him Julian David. Hubby likes Vincent Apollo too, which is my second choice. I'd prefer Apollo as a first name, but hubby doesn't like that, so we're going for Julian David.
    I've always liked Tristan for a boy, but that didn't get my husband's approval. I'm soo picky with boy's names. Picking girls names has been easier for me.
  • graycalico
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    I love Jonah. Jackson and Landon are good too, but really popular right now.
  • Erinthebodo
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    My son is Andrew Michael and this child will be Nathaniel Robert, I also really liked Corey
  • BBeccaJean
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    It depends on your last name! I thought babycenter names was a good reference. You can look up a name you like and in the related section are other names that are similar or are common sibling names for that one. Here's the link:

  • cindymcd
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    I'm a huge fan of the name Cole...I have a Cole :) I also like Oliver and Jasper
  • samarieL
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    Pierce William is the name we had chosen for a boy this pregnancy and last. It will continue to go unused for now. I also have a Kayden, Colton, and Sawyer. I like surnames as first names for boys. Other names I love but can't use for one reason or another:

    Cade - this was my choice for my oldest but DH wanted something a little longer

    We have a no more C/K names and no more S names rule in our house so we're still working on naming our girly.
  • dawnemjh
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    I like sawyer!

    We are having a boy and hubby and I cant agree on a name.

    Some I like are: