Trisomy 18

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Hi everyone,

I have just had the results of my first trimester screening and it's come back with high risk for Trisomy 18 (1:53). I have opted to have the new blood test rather than the amnio, as we don't want to rask miscarrying what could be a perfectly healthy bubba, which Ihad this morning, but now we have a long 2 weeks wait for the results, as my blood has to be sent to the USA for testing.
I am feeling really low and lost at the thought of having to terminate this pregnancy if the baby does indeed have Trisomy 18, but the doctor has made it clear that this condition is "incompatable with life".

Everyone keeps telling me to stay calm and try to relax, but I'm struggling.



  • kellykneppergrundy
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    I don;t have any personal experience with this, but just wanted to encourage you to think of the odds the other way. There is a 52/53 chance that your baby is perfectly healthy. Those are odds most people would be happy to bet lots of money on. I really hope your wait is as short as possible and that you are hearing that good news soon. Keep yourself busy, talk about your concerns with people, and let us know when you hear good news.
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    I don't have experience with this either, but like any preggo lady i've read up on all the pregnancy boards when we were getting our testing done, and what the results might mean. I agree with Kelly. 1/53 is .018 percent. If someone told you that you there would be a .018 chance of rain today would you carry an umbrella? I've read lots and lots of personal stories about this and most babies come out okay. Keep your head up. Keep it in perspective. Go online and read positive stories of women in your shoes. Good luck!
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    I will agree with what's already been posted about the chances still being incredibly low for Trisomy 18, as well as with jaimemariel's suggestion of going online to read positive stories. However, I can understand that a two-week wait for results is a lifetime.

    The odds are hugely in your favor that your blood test will come back just fine. What you have received so far is a best guess. But let those results be SWIFT!!!

    Breathe, and please keep us posted on how you are doing, not just when you get results. I will keep you in my prayers and send positive thoughts and vibes your way!
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    Just try to stay calm. Also, and this may be controversial to some, but there are families that choose to carry to term, despite the condition being incompatible with life. That is obviously a very personal decision between you and your partner, that no one can decide but you two. If that is something that might interest you, I can post you a blog I've seen of a family that chose to carry to term with Trisomy. If it were me in this situation, I have no idea what I would do. T &P
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    I don't know what I would do either but I hope your baby is healthy and that further testing shows that. I can tell you that a dear friend of mine was told her baby had down's and she carried to term to find her baby did not have it. I know that is not the same as trisomy 18 but I thought it could give you hope :)
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    my last pregnancy I went through some similiar issues with blood testing, and I had the amnio, because I wanted to be sure. you have really good odds of everything being fine. After I was givin scarey sounding numbers like that I got so upset and cried all the way home, when I actually did the math myself, I felt much better, and the amnio confirmed the baby was fine. I would not look on the internet too much, because it may cause you stress, that you do not need at this time in your life, and may be unwarranted.

    will pray for you and your baby.
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    Try to stay busy and not focus on it too much. I had a cvs test this pregnancy because of some issues that my ds has (heart defects and a chromosomal anomaly) It was a little hard to wait and to consider what I would do if something major turned up on it. She's fine, thankfully. Trisomy 18 is a tough one, I know it's one of the few I would terminate for, for the sake of the baby. But it's rare and I'm sure your baby will probably be fine. *hugs*
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    I'm sorry to hear that. I'm going through a similar situation right now. My blood test came back and my doctor said it was positive for spina bifida. I think that just means one of the levels was high. I'm going for a level 2 ultrasound on Wednesday to hopefully confirm I have a healthy baby. I'm sure everything will probably be fine but it is very scary!
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    Thanks so much to everyone for your lovely support and well wishes. I have had such a wonderful pregnancy so far and I am trying to look at it as just a little hiccup along the way. It's so nice to know that there is such a great support network out there of peope who I have never even met, willing to be there for me.

    I will definitely keep you all posted.

    Thanks again :flowerforyou: