Week Five Challenges: June 30 - July 6

Week Five Challenges for Sunday, June 30, thru Saturday, July 6:

Appreciating Nature Day
Community Day
Martial Arts Day
Movie Critic Day
Music Appreciation Day
Gardening Day
Make New Friends Day

For a complete description of each weekly challenge, see the Weekly Challenge discussion.


  • dmdegrassi
    dmdegrassi Posts: 151
    Nearly every day is Music Appreciation Day for me...I have Sirius radio in my car (I drive close to 3 hours every day for work) and Pandora free radio on my phone for my workouts. I drifted into oldies this week!

    Make New Friends Day was last Sunday...I went to a Pampered Chef party and met many new people. Delightful ladies; excellent conversation! Spent too much money though. :(

    Today was Gardening Day...trimmed the dead flowers, pulled weeds, etc.

    Still working to see if I'll get any of the others completed...lol.
  • mudflatmabel
    mudflatmabel Posts: 138 Member
    This was a very painful week - I am so disgusted with this arthritis in my knees!

    Thursday was appreciate Nature day - I listened to the birds and took lots of pictures of the Ocean Spray that is blooming everywhere around our house.
    Friday was Music appreciation day - I listened to sirrus radio, Deep Tracks and went back to my youth in the seventies.
    Saturday was Gardening Day - I pulled weeds and the Morning Glory that was choking out my favorite rose, Mr. Lincoln. I think he is a lot happier now.
    I did not exercise or log my food in MFP (I did log it in my notebook) It's too nice out to be incapacitated! This really sucks!
    Oh, and I gained weight this week, too.
    I can only hope for a better week, next week!
  • dmdegrassi
    dmdegrassi Posts: 151

    FYI - Cabin averages are based on actual number of campers PARTICIPATING.

    Best Week Five Cabin Participation = Cabin 2 with 6 participants.

    Best Points Earned Average Per Cabin = Cabin 2 with 25.5 points.

    Best Weight Loss Average Per Cabin = Cabin 2 with 1.15 pound lost.

    Best Points Earned for An Individual = Tie between SavvyGurl0528 and spacecurly with 29 pts.

    Best Individual Weight Loss = missability with 2.6 pounds lost.

    Specific Totals for Cabins below:

    Cabin 1 – Bold Fitness Fanatics (BFFs)
    5 actual participants; Avg Pts = 22.8; Avg Wt Chg = +.6 lbs
    dmdegrassi 22 pts -.4 lbs
    Pumpitusa 21 pts +3.0 lbs
    prajnafaux 19 pts +1.8 lbs
    jacksagod 28 pts -.1.0 lbs
    happysilverpoppy Sent Home
    lewiscandacea 24 pts -.4 lbs

    Cabin 2 – Determined Divas
    6 actual particpants; Avg Pts = 25.5; Avg Wt Chg = -1.15 lbs
    Super_Mama 28 pts -1.3 lbs
    SummerMM1 18 pts -1.0 lbs
    missability 27 pts -2.6 lbs
    naticksdonna 27 pts -0 lbs
    traynorj82 25 pts -1.0 lbs
    futurefitgirl3 28 pts -1.0 lbs

    Cabin 3 – Win To Thin
    5 actual participants; Avg Pts = 23.6; Avg Wt Chg = +.68 lbs
    SavvyGurl0528 29 pts -0 lb
    sassynkp No Results
    karendee4 26 pts -0 lbs
    spacecurly 29 pts -2.4 lbs
    Prephred 28 pts -.8 lbs
    df1982 Sent Home
    mudflatmabel 6 pts +6,6 lbs