love my gf wish she would want to get healthy to

i have been trying to lose wight and its hard for me but my gf keeps tellin me i don need to lose any and i love the feeling of working out and i would love for her to do it with me but she is un interested i have one son and she has 2 and i think it would be great to get healthy and be able to play more with our children and set a good example for them but she just does not feel the same bout gettin healthy as i do ..................should this bother me?


  • Trixxie90
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    I'd love for my fiance to work out with me. It's hard to get her to do much of anything. We started strong but she got 'tired' and quit. Occasionally she'll do some squats or push ups but getting any kind of cardio out of her is not possible. We're getting married in September and she's down about not looking good for the pictures.

    I feel your frustration!!
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    Preach................i love my girl. She used to be small. Not super small but you know you could see the hips etc. A lot of life things happened so it's been hard. She's not a fitness freak like I am. She supports my fitness but I wish she would work out too both for her mental and physical health. I feed her basically so she eats fairly healthy.....but when i'm not there.... she eats crap. She also eats my post - workout meals which are obviously not the healthy meals.

    I wish i could get her to exercise but she's sassy and stubborn. She used to run but doesnt like to anymore
  • My lady supports me and has my back but shes also can eat and it won't affect her too badly If I eat anything bad it affects me greatly. We are built completely different. I'm also trying to quit smoking cigarettes and she smokes and that is also really hard for me...
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    I think the best thing you can do is support her, love her up and be an excellent role model for her and your family. As you probably know, we are on this journey for ourselves and we can't really do it for anyone else.
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    My girl supports me 100% but I def dont want her working out with me since she's like 100lbs less lol not the best thing to compare myself to while working out...
    good luck with trying to get your girl on board!
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    I don't know if it should bother you. Couples don't agree on everything. If it does bother you, though, try to get her interested. Lead by example. Show her how happy it makes you or tell her. Just don't harp and turn it into something negative or she might start to think you don't like the way she looks. Just be supportive and ask for her support in turn.
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    I'm in the same boat! My wife never wants to exercise and will only go along w/the food choices if I prepare all the meals. I'm not giving up as I made a vow, want us to both be around a long, active time, but it is definitely harder. Because you have kids you really do have the extra burden of needing to model a healthy lifestyle. Good luck.
  • ya my gf smokes 2 and i quit 3 yrs ago i hate it so much
  • thanks ladys u have helped so much i just want our sons to have good examples on being healthy