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    Wow! Your transformation is amazing!
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    Hi all! I'm new here after a long unsuccessful depressing low carb diet. So far I'm loving the site and support, and how awesome they have a LGBT group! I'm looking to lose quite a bit of weight and start feeling myself again. Could use the support. Add me?
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    Hello everyone! How are you all doing? So how can we keep this group moving and grooving?

    You know, I did create an LGBT Facebook group a while back and it was sooo slow moving, no one really talked in it. I would love it if everyone in here would move over there and we could keep the chit chat going. It is so much more fun.

    I have another FB group that is SO active, not LGBT, but a fitness one and it is so active and fun. It would be so wonderful if all you ladies came to the LGBT Fitness group and we could actually keep it really active.

    I am WAY into fitness, nutrition and motivating others but I am on FB way more than here.

    If you want to try connect up on the LGBT Fitness Facebook group and get it lively again I'd welcome you to do so.

    Click here:
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    Ello...:smile: My name is Beth and I am....twenty. I just came out about two years ago and haven't had the opportunity to really BE in the LGBT Community little lone the Lesbian Community. I am a college student in Oklahoma, not many lesbians here...I am planning on moving to a different state after I get my Bachelor's Degree.

    I want a wonderful woman in my life but first I gotta find what makes me feel wonderful and love myself before I can love any other woman. :wink:

    Wish me the best!
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    Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a 26 year old lesbian living in Virginia. I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight!!! I did myfitnesspal back in October 2010-February 2012. I lost 50 lbs and then I started a new sit down job and moved. Because of this, I gained almost all of it back. I am now on here again hoping to get back in shape like I was before. Feel free to add me!
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    Hello, my name is Angie, I'm 36, and I'm from Maryland. My partner Angela and I have been together for nearly 7 years, and we are getting married next May. I've lost 2 dress sizes ind about 15 pounds and have kept it off for over a year now. I' m a big fan of Beachbody workouts and being able to get everything done at home and still be super challenged. P90X, Turbo Fire, and Insanity have really helped me break through my plateau and go from 10-12 to 4-6. I enjoy the online community and the giving and receiving of support from so many great people who also want to achieve their goals.
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    Good evening. My name is Michelle and I am partners with Jo-Anne Brandes. I am 38 years old, some days feeling 15 and other days feeling not so 38 (older). :() I am a snacker. There I said it. I love to snack. I could eat healthy all day long but I am a snacker. Boooo. I weigh 132 standing at roughly 5'2" on a good day. My goal weight is 125 and to have a six pack (stomach) not a two-zer. Always been active and probably should have been on Ritalin as a child, but hey it is what it is. So there is a wee bit about me because sometimes I could talk about myself forever. Just kidding. Now time to stop snacking. Have a good night.
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    Hello everyone. I am 28 years of age.
    I have a partner of 2 years who is also changing her lifestyle to be more healthy.
    I have come here to find my motivation to keep trying. I start school in 3 weeks and I would love to feel a little more confident so I can make friends in class (and copy answers lol joking)
    I lost 60lbs a year ago, but have managed to gain it back. I did it eating healthy and exercising, since I know its possible I have a little added faith. I love to swim and love playing basketball so I plan to incorporate these two things into my activities to mix it up, keep it fun and keep the muscles guessing...hate the plateu ( im sure we all do)
    Good luck to you all on your health journey.
    Here is to a happier, longer life.
  • Hi i am 26 years old lesbian and the heaviest I have ever been. I am ~180 and 5'2''. Time to cut down some. Its so hard because when I am bummed, i Go into this downward spiral and eat my feelings, yikes!

    Would love some support, so add me if you like

    i am on here a lot and post a lot on my main page. Still new to the community part of MFP
  • hi im meko and i just wanted to see what up in this group
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    Hey Meko,

    Nice to meet you! What are your fitness goals? What workouts do you do?

  • Hi ladies,

    i'm Sophie, i'm in the UK (london), aged 25 and about 5'3. I went to university and put on about 4 stone eating lots of cheap starchy foods. My highest weight was around 210 lbs, i got that down to 190 by starting to cycle daily to work. On the 1st October i started the Keto diet ( which is similar to atkins but high fat low carb instead of high protein. So far i've been really enjoying it (it doesnt feel like a diet at all - even though i've eaten more salad in the last week then i have in the past year!). i've also started the C25K, 200 situps and twice daily walks with my new puppy Odin. Looking to get down to 133 lbs by this time next year while also getting fit enough to play Rugby again.

    Feel free to add me and also message me if you have any questions or would like to know more about the keto diet etc.
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    Hello! I'm Emily. I joined MFP about a month ago, but just now am really using it for all it's worth. I would love more friends on here to keep me motivated. My girlfriend and I are doing this together and we are very excited. I started at 234 lbs, currently at 217, and my goal weight is 130. Last night I started the Couch to 5k (C25k) app on my phone that helps train you to run in a 5k. Someday I will run a marathon. :) I love basketball and can't wait to be in shape to play on an intramural team again.
  • Hi! I'm T and my partner have been together just over 9 years. She's a beautiful woman - a personal trainer - and has been a great inspiration to me, now that I am "ready" to be healthy again. We have an 8 year old (sassy pants) daughter. I think I was at my best when I met my partner - fit and trim. Since then, I have been LAZY - meaning, I did not take the time for myself. Everything became an excuse 1. we had a baby - that's good for 10-15 pounds (oh, yeah, we adopted - lame excuse) 2. my job is so stressful I just need to veg out and have a glass of wine (or 3) - that's good for another 10 pounds (duh, I'm a clinical social worker so stress is part of the territory) 3. I have so much going on, I don't have time to work out (did I mention I have personal training and and a full gym, at my disposal, in the back yard??). Fast forward to now: I am creeping up on 50, I have had two strokes, and the loves of my life deserve to have someone who cares as much for herself as she does for the excuses. So, this is a new chapter for us. I am doing better - health wise, and was just offered a new job today (more money, closer to home, hopefully less stress). I really want to be one of those old ladies who can ties her own shoes, wipe her own butt, and chase the grand kids around the yard!
  • Hello! I'm Emily. I joined MFP about a month ago, but just now am really using it for all it's worth. I would love more friends on here to keep me motivated. My girlfriend and I are doing this together and we are very excited. I started at 234 lbs, currently at 217, and my goal weight is 130. Last night I started the Couch to 5k (C25k) app on my phone that helps train you to run in a 5k. Someday I will run a marathon. :) I love basketball and can't wait to be in shape to play on an intramural team again.

    That sounds like a great app! I have a motivational card on my mirror for next year's 10k/5k walk or run Phoenix AIDS Run. :happy:
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    Hello all! Hope all the mothers had a fantastic day yesterday. Hot in NYC today but a beautiful day it is. NYC NJ ladies helllloooooooo
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    Hi my name is Scarlett and I am going thru bypass surgery soon so I have been working on weight loss and food control... Glad to join and make friends...
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    This group doesn't seem to be too active but I'm going to introduce myself anyway! I'm stephani, 40 years old, recently relocated to Minnesota for work. I'm a software developer, so I sit at a computer wayyyyy too much. I have a standing desk at home so at least when I'm on the computer at home, I'm standing! I got married September 2015 to the woman of my dreams. We have 2 dogs and I have a 19 year son from back when I was still "confused" :smile: I was a chubby kid who got really active once I moved out on my own. Then I went back to university in my mid-30's to finish up my Comp Sci degree and gained so much weight. My highest was ~245 when I graduated May 2012. I got down to 195 May 2013, stayed around 200 for 2 years. I weighed myself last week for the first time in over a year and I am at 220. Whoa. My goal weight is 145. I'll reaccess as necessary upon reaching that goal. There is no excuse to not be active and committed to my health. I'm seeing a personal trainer who's helping me work through some hip/shoulder mobility issues so I can start lifting heavy steel objects again! I'm seriously counting calories, and trying to learn appropriate portions. We eat REALLY healthy, but I eat too much. We're buying a house 2.5 miles from work so I'll be riding a bike to work every day that it's not -10 F or colder! That's me and my plans. It's great reading everyone's introductions here and I hope I can find more interaction and activity in the other threads.
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    Hi there
    I am Kim and my hersband and I live just north of Dallas, Texas. I will be 52 this July and have been on this weight loss roller coaster for many years. About 20 years ago I had a VBG which worked for awhile, but now they can't find any evidence of the staples!! At my lowest adult weight, I was 172. Thant was both with the VBG and after several rounds of HCG at a different time.
    This time, I started at 250 in July and currently am 226. MFP helps with the tracking of food and accountability (some). My hersband is also heavy (she had the lap band years ago but it slipped) and is a great support system sometimes.
    I just need others to help challenge me with my activity (or lack there of).
    I am an RN working in Labor and Delivery and will start Grad school for Nursing Informatics in the Fall. Oh, and I also make custom glitter tumblers and make up brush holders.
    Please feel free to friend me on MFP or Facebook, just needing extra support!
    Good luck to you all!!
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    Hey everyone!
    I'm Monica and I am 28, and reside in Michigan currently. Relationship status is TBD. lol.

    I have always had an issue with food (whether it be binging or severely restricting), and have always had a serious sugar addiction. I am actively working to have a healthy body image regardless of my size. However, I have had a lot of pain recently, and I know that it would only increase with time if I don't make a change.

    I have decided to make a lifestyle change of focusing on whole, unprocessed, natural ingredients. I am not intending to make this completely strict, but I think it is something that I would be able to maintain if I make an effort to avoid artificial ingredients/added sugar as a whole.

    I have recently started to add the gym to my routine. I have been focusing on HIIT, but would like to add other routines as well.

    I would love to have more friends to chat with that are also focused on improvement!