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What to do with clingy baby while I work out?



  • yankeefamily05
    Ohhhh how I have been in your shoes twice!

    The easiest thing I have found is to wait for them to take a nap!
  • ks4e
    ks4e Posts: 374 Member
    I thought I'd chime in because my DD has been super clingy and fussy all week long. I ended up wearing her in a carrier and doing 4 miles to one of my Leslie Sansone DVD's. The swing didn't work, she wakes up as soon as she senses I'm not right next to her (we co sleep), and I am too tired to work out earlier in the day.
  • ryeaydsmom
    My 5 month old is the same way!! When she goes down for a nap I put her in her swing where I can see her from my treadmill so if she wakes up I can talk to her until im done.. if shes awake I put her in the walker or the play mat where she can see me and sing and talk to her!!! Some days I can only get 5 or 10 mins in at a time ( I also have a 5 and 6 year old who wants a lot of my attention too) but even the few mins here and there add up and i know it wont be this way forever.. the days my husband has off from work I make sure I get a good work out....
  • leahestey
    leahestey Posts: 124 Member
    I have a 8 year old, a 7 year old, and a 2 year old. My children are independent as can be and I held and cuddled them. I STILL baby wrap (carry) my 2 year old. I put him on my back and go for walks or if it's nap time (and I want to go for a walk), I put him in the stroller. He gets to play at the playground for his exercise and I'm right there with him getting more of my own exercise.

    If you are confident enough, you can baby wear as you workout. It is definitely harder but you'll get a better workout that way. I have done Zumba with my baby on my back (with alternatives that would substitute for moves that I would feel unsafe with). He has fallen asleep on my back as I was doing Zumba.

    You may have to find another way to workout but that is ok as long as you are getting your exercise! Or as others have said, do it while the baby is sleeping.
  • leahestey
    leahestey Posts: 124 Member
    First of all, she didn't ask for parenting skills. Second, there is NOTHING wrong with co-sleeping. I did with all my children and MANY other mothers all around the world co-sleep. I do agree with putting her into a playpen/crib after falling asleep so safety is there. You sound like a person that says "once a c-section, always a c-section" which is not true.
    Errrmmm, the bad thing is, she sleeps in the bed with me and I'm afraid to leave her in there by herself because she can crawl FAST and doesn't know about falling off of things yet. :/ Geez, I have really screwed myself here, haven't I? LOL

    Why "lol"? That's not funny, at all. You child is NOT "the boss", of you, or anyone else. I sincerely hope you don't actually say that to her, or you might very well have a royal snot on your hands in less than a year.

    You are really crippling her self-soothing and independence skills by coddling her and holding her so much all the time. I realize different babies have different needs, but that is not normal or healthy, for you OR your sweet little one. Please do yourselves both a great service and start putting your foot down.

    Get her sleeping a crib, first off. It will be HELL getting her used to it, but I'm afraid that's no one's fault but your own, now.

    Some tips on building independence: When she cries to be held, try giving her a brief hug down at her level, or sit down on the floor and play with her/distract her with a fun toy. Try to limit the number of times you actually pick her up, where her feet leave the ground. (Obviously use your discretion, if she NEEDS to he held then naturally you should pick her up.)

    Good luck. I'm afraid you have a lot of bad habits to de-condition out of her, now, and it will be the farthest thing from easy. But it will be very worth it, and she will be stronger, happier, and better for it.

    (Sources: I'm a mother to a 15 month old, and worked at a daycare with infants and toddlers for three years.)
  • EHolstrom
    EHolstrom Posts: 2,563 Member
    Ok then, not going to read through all the comments so sticking to OP. Try doing them when she is napping or busy with something else(such as eating breakfast if youre not EBF) You may need to split the videos up. If its a 20min video you may need to do it in 2 10 min segments. If possible adjust your sleep schedule. I was unable to get things done so I ended up staying up later than my daughter so I could. You could use that time for exercise. If all else fails maybe try a baby carrier. I used a Mei Tai for walks with my daughter and it was great.