Miles on Running Shoes



  • johnmcc215
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    Just retired 2 pairs of Brooks Adrenaline 12's with over 400 miles on them also have another pair of 13's with 224..I use to log keep track of my shoe mileage..great free site also..
  • ATT949
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    Another review of shoes coming out next year.

    I've switched to a 4 mm shoe and sometimes I feel beat up after my LR. I did 13.1 about a month ago and really aggravated my smaller gluteus muscles - very weird feeling. It's not the 4 mm drop (I've always been a mid foot striker) but just the impact. Part of it is that I'm still new (1400 miles or so) so perhaps as my legs get stronger they will absorb more shock. The other side of it is that, in most of the shoes that are out today, there isn't a lot of cushion in a low rise shoe.

    It sounds like a lot of folks are having the same issue. Hoka came out with their wonder-shoe and now it looks like the big dogs are headed in that direction, as well.
  • natalie412
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    Just dropped over 200 bones on new shoes, thank goodness I am ok with running on the old models

    $200 - 1 pair?

    I bought a pair of Kinvara's over the weekend. They were on sale (20%) off and have a 90 return on them so I thought I'd give it a try. They feel narrow, even though I went up a full size. Do Kinvara's generally run narrow?

    Flashback to when I was obese. I can't wear some of my shoes from back then (not that I wear shoes very often anyway). At 295, my feet were EE width. There was only one place in the US where I could get motorcycle boots. And, I can't wear one pair of gorgeous, Italian-made loafers that were a gift because my feet lift out of the shoe when I roll my foot forward!

    Ugh. Life is so much easier at 15% body fat…

    Kinvara's don't seem narrow to me, but might be different in women's sizes - I wear my normal athletic shoe size in them (1/2 size up from my normal shoe size). I love mine - have 460 miles on them now and they still seem fine to me.
  • tropic_runner
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    Damn lightweights getting 500+ mile out of their shoes. Mine usually die a horrible, horrible death between 300-400 miles.

    My mizuno alchemy waves just broke down at 389, they stopped making that in wide so I went with the NB 860V3's!!!!