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Stains on running shirts

xtrout Posts: 193 Member
Hi All, Since I started using run guard or the likes on my chest to prevent nipple chafing, I now get a circular brown stain on my running shirt where the nipples are. My guess is that its dust from running outside sticking to the sweaty area where the anti-chafe is. My problem is that these spots don't come out and now I have basically unusable running shirts (unless its dark out). Any tips for getting these out? Shouting out does not work. Pre-soaking doesn't work either.


  • likitisplit
    likitisplit Posts: 9,420 Member
    I would guess that these are essentially "grease stains". And there's nothing for getting grease stains out of clothes like Pine Sol. I'm not sure what that would do to technical fabric, though.
  • xtrout
    xtrout Posts: 193 Member
    Hmmm. I could try on my oldest shirt. Thanks for the tip.
  • suannemarie
    Get some TSP from home depot and add a tablespoon to the wash load.

    If you prefer non-industrial strength, rub Dawn dish soap into the stains and let it sit for half an hour, then wash.